Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring break and a moment of weakness

Mike had to work all week so the girls and I went back to the Dallas area for Spring break. All in all it was a relaxing, fun time. We saw as many friends as we could fit in and spent time with family. We survived the Tuesday flood. On Wed. we went to our time share condo at Lake Texoma. It was the most peaceful, relaxing couple of days! One of my best friends and her little one came to stay one night with us too. The girls played in the hot tub then would get in the freezing swimming pool... Sat. a.m. Jennifer was back from her mission tip and after getting her car back from it being towed (her mother parked it somewhere she should not) she join us for a quick visit.
Thats where the trip started to go wrong. On the way through Gainsville there were puppies for sale on the side of the road. Katie has been begging for a puppy for her birthday, and begged to stop and look at them. Jennifer being right behind us stopped also but was able to leave without one like any smart person... I however folded. weak. Not strong enough to resist a cute face and two children begging. What have I done?!?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The girl is always funny!

It is 30 degrees outside but that didn't stop K from enjoying a tea party outside this afternoon. Tonight as she is talking to me I comment on her smelling so strongly of perfume, this is the conversation:
Me: You smell like you've been playing in perfume
K: Yea, (laughing) well, you see, I had a tea party earlier and left my people outside
Me: Your people?
K: You know, my pig, my American girl doll, my bear
Me: Yes, and what do your people have to do with the perfume?
K: Well, when I remembered them and went to get them they smelled like....
Me: Like snow? Like dirt? Like the dog?
K: No, like...you know how when you walk past the Kindergarten kids on their way in from recess?
Me: (laughing), yes.
K: disappears for a min.
K: here, smell her hair... see?
Me: No, all I smell is perfume
K: (walking off) that's not the right smell under the perfume, its like the kids, stinky
That girl, leaving her peeps outside to smell like kids after recess! And, thanks Aunt Jan for the variety of perfumes she was able to put on them!