Thursday, May 30, 2013


Mike left Monday afternoon to fly to Phoenix for a job interview.  I dropped him off at the airport at 3:45 and I think it was 9:30 ish before he got to Dallas and had to fly on to Phoenix the next morning.
He headed home yesterday and once again flights were canceled and delayed due to weather in Dallas and he texted me about 1 this morning that he was finally in Dallas at the hotel and had the same room he left that morning.  A quick trip has turned into a couple of days spent in airports.

School is winding down and I still can't believe it's the last week.  I'm not sure where the spring went.

Speaking of where the time goes, I called and scheduled Katie's senior picture yesterday.  I'm sure this is the first of a busy year with her.  Kellie will join her at the high school next year.  And I can't believe either are this old!

Last night the youth had their third "Mayhem" event at church. 

I got a text asking me if I would mind being there in case someone "broke a leg or something".  Ummm, sure.

A slip in slide covered in baby oil and water and not a single injury, amazing.
my girls and their group sat safely on the sidelines
photobomb success



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who gave me the sickenss in May???

I know you must be wondering what normal everyday things we have been up to
Let's catch up shall we?
I started feeling a little sick on Friday and just bad enough that I laid around all weekend.
Until I woke up with the monster eye issue today
What the heck?
If hadn't felt terrible anyway I would have called in because I looked crazy...
A trip to the clinic, good medicine, great cough syrup and the eye is slowly getting back to normal.

We did venture out to a sweet friends graduation party Sat. night. 

We got to know Kelsey while she was a youth intern at our church.  Before long we had her at our house as much as we could.  She was more like family to my girls.  She invested in them, mentored them and gave them an occasional lecture on their teenage behavior before she finished college and left us this weekend.

Her parents were so sweet to ask us to her dinner and are so precious.  They thanked us for taking care of her and I reminded them how sweet she is how she took care of us some too.  I pray my girls continue to have relationships with older Christian girls who can model what college years should look like. 
Thank you Kelsey for loving my girls!

I have spent a little too much time on Pinterest
Ask Jennifer, I've sent her a few that reminded me of her

Saturday I did something I rarely do.  I watched a movie.  The whole thing and no one made me.
I had been meaning to go see Argo when it was in theaters and never did.

 I watched it Sat. and cannot quit thinking about it.  It was a really good movie. 
I made the family watch it later that day.

The girls were not really excited about it but I think they liked it a little.  It made Katie nervous...

Argo is: 
Based on real events, the dramatic thriller “Argo” chronicles the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans, which unfolded behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis, focusing on the little-known role that the CIA and Hollywood played—information that was not declassified until many years after the event.
See, I lived in Iran in 1979 and left just a couple of weeks before the hostages were taken.  My dad left just days before. 
I was 14 and not old enough to be scared enough.  I remember vividly how upset and scared my mother was and I thought it was quite an adventure.
After the movie, now I'm scared.  I realize we were really lucky to get out when we did and how fast things got bad.
They were bad when we were there but escalated everyday.  I really wish I still had my dad to talk to about it... I don't remember us ever really discussing it after the fact.
Before we left we hadn't been to school in weeks. 
Now, as a kid I liked the not having school work but we weren't allowed to go out and I was bored to death! 
Now that I've started thinking about that time again I found that the American school has a group page on FB and one of the guys who graduated in '79 wrote a book about it I'm now going to need to read.
You should watch it.  Then be glad I got to come home.  I am.

Today I have watched more tornado coverage than is healthy I'm sure... and in between that I've watched enough House Hunters International to plan my retirement and enough Dateline to help you out if you ever need help with a crime.

Hope you aren't sick in May



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's and really expensive cookies

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's in my life and in my children's.  I have always said that it takes a lot of Mother's to raise my kids.
I was so lucky to have two sweet Mom's who owned the day care my children went to. 
Then there is Jennifer who could step in for me if die.  They love her that much.
My sister and her ever present threat of spanking them with the fly swat can't be left out.
And all my sweet sweet friends who have invested in my children.

While we were all piled up in the bed this morning (my favorite part of the day)

 I told my girls again this morning how much my mom would have loved them if she could have met them.  Kellie said she was sure she would have been her favorite...

And because something is wrong with me I wanted to spend my Mother's day afternoon baking.  My grandmother would have understood, my mom, not so much...

The girls asked for cookies.

 I decided I wanted to try Macarons...

The seem to the popular cookie right now.

My opinion - they are very sweet, good, but I prob. won't make them again....

You pipe them onto the cookie sheet and I dropped the metal piping tip down the garbage disposal.  It is stuck on the blade now and won't come off...
Looks like the macarons are going to cost me a plumber visit...
They defiantly aren't worth the price I'll pay for that!

 I'm about to wear my present out to get some dinner with all my people.  Have a good Mother's day!

Eighth grade is coming to an end

First prom, now 8th grade banquet...
It's too much.
They are almost grown...
But I am loving almost every minute of these teenage years...

we did a little spray tanning
a little make up
and dinner before the dance
They followed up the dance with swimming at one of the friend's.
A good time was had by all (I hear)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

I didn't need to know about the s'mores

Darn that Pioneer Woman. 
She has once again exposed me to something I didn't need to know about.
One of the teachers at school who is a wonderful cook brought me a treat.
A treat from a PW recipe.
I've never been interested in s'mores before.
But when she told me there was peanut butter and Nutella on it I had to try it.

And now I can't quit thinking about it.
I'm helping with a wedding in Dec. and she wants s'mores... I think we've found the answer.
I had to make one yesterday.
I'll need to make some for her to try soon.
PW dips hers.  I though that was a little too much chocolate.
I don't think I've ever said those words before.
Go try them.  Now.