Friday, August 29, 2008

On to the long weekend

This first week of work/school flew by. We have really struggled with the getting up early part of the week. I just can't get in the habit of going to bed earlier.
I'm proud to say the little girl has 4 friends after the week and isn't worried anymore... the big girl still has the boyfriend though we don't hear much about him... and I got SO MUCH done this week as far as paperwork, etc in my office. It went very smoothly except for the one running full speed, head on collision of two students and the injuries that resulted...
And now we get a three day weekend! Jennifer my sweet niece and our friend Allison are coming tomorrow! I have good food and some girl fun planned. Sunday we're going to brave the crowd at the lake for some boating fun. Tomorrow morning I'm having breakfast with another teacher from Flower Mound who will be in town.... I just can't believe how many people come to Lubbock, never dreamed it...Glad they are all coming though!

On a different note, pray for my cousins and family in Miss. as they wait on hurricane Gustav. Apparently everyone is preparing, she had to beat out a another woman for the last two loaves of bread at the Walmart!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

and we all survived

Last night there was much girly stress at our house. We talked and talked and talked about the worries of the first day of school. Both girls had to sleep in my room, I'm not sure how this helped the stress but what ever works...
We got up early and had breakfast together and prayed together before we started our school day. Now the first day of school has come and gone and everyone survived. I had a very quiet, uneventful first day. Hope that the second day goes as well!
The big girl had a great first day. Had friends in her classes, wasn't late to school which is her constant worry for some reason (she has never been late), and she came home with a 'boyfriend'. I liked it better when we just came home on the first day with a new friend instead of a BOYfriend!!! I'm glad I heard all about the day before the new boyfriend started texting her...we may never see her again...
The little girl even survived. She liked her teacher "but not as good as Mrs. ________" I guess last years teacher will never be topped! She let them bring drinks into class in the morning and call their parents if they wanted to make a play date...
She has even asked if she could ride the bus in the morning...yesterday crying, not wanting to ride the bus, today asking if she can... go figure...
I'm glad they had a good day but I am still sad that they started 4th and 7th grade, I just don't know how they got this big!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

School starts Mon., ready or not

Today the Home Sanctuary post was written just for me I think. I didn't realize it but I really needed someone to send me an email to remind me to take a deep breath. To remind me that "He has guided you, picked you up when you've fallen and sent you angels in disguise when you've needed them." I needed to hear: Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

I read this at the end of a long week, a long day at the school, a day of feeling very much like the new person at my job, and a day of having several stresses constantly on my mind. It was amazing, I read this and felt a weight lift. I said no to an invitation we had for tonight and decided we needed a family night. I took her advice and took 10+ min. out and relaxed and spent it focusing on God. What a difference a few minutes can make in your attitude.
Just last night I discussed really letting God handle our worries with the little girl, funny how quickly I forgot it today.
The little girl is very nervous about 4th grade. Usually she is so easy going but since open house she has been so worried about not having friends and riding the bus. She will rarely have to ride the bus to school but ride home almost every day, but she is only worried about riding it to school. I'm not sure why the ride to school would be more stressful but for whatever reason it makes her cry to think about it. I have tried to talk her into transferring to my school so there would be no bus riding but she doesn't want to change schools again and I can't blame her...other than her worrying I think we are almost ready...58 trips to Walmart and various stores later I think the girls are set...we have every possible school supply, the new outfits are picked out, no one is riding the bus the first day and everyone has a lunch request to be packed...
I think I've done the most I can do to be prepared for a new year at a new school. The new office is decorated and organized. Guess Mon. will tell....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sounds like fun

My Favorite Things Swap (Hosted By The Pink Potpourri) - Click here to join!

I ran across this blog recently and saw today that she is hosting a "favorite things" swap. Recently I put together a couple of favorite things and sent to a friend and enjoyed thinking about what things I really enjoy that I could share... so I thought this sounded like a very fun thing to do and how fun to get a treat of others favorite things... check out her pretty pink blog and join the swap...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

my Jennifers - wish you were here...

When I was in Oklahoma this summer with my sweet friend Jennifer, we went to a cute restaurant where she loves to eat... I bought the cookbook and as only two friends who love food way too much would do, we each got our copy and looked at together that night. Once before when I was at her house she fixed a wonderful Hot chicken salad out of that cookbook.

Today is was cloudy and cool here which always puts me in the mood to cook... am I the only one wishing we could put out pumpkins and such now???

So, today I got out my copy of the cookbook and picked out a couple of recipes. I made the Hot
Chicken Salad and the French Apple Pie.
I took pictures of the dishes only to find out that one of the girls had put my camera on 'video' so the pictures didn't come out where I could use them...

So Jennifer, know that my dish came out looking just like yours but somehow I think mine didn't taste as good as yours did. Of course Mike thought it wasn't really 'his kind of food'. You know if he doesn't ask for seconds its not good... I enjoyed it however and have enough for a few lunches.
As for the French Apple Pie... Jennifer, know that you need to try this... add this recipe to the few you'll fix... you won't be disappointed. It is quick and wonderful! Mike did ask for seconds on this... Wish you were here to have a piece with BlueBell on it...
So, my Jennifers... I wish you both were here!

And look who got her first big doggy hair cut...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The last week...

This week has been busy. I've been in nurse orientation for the new job and been at my school trying to get my office in order... I have a variety of old furniture in it and it is taking some effort to get it looking decent! I should be there now working on that but here I am lounging in front of the cooking network while everyone else sleeps, enjoying the quiet.
Last night I had dinner with a friend from Flower Mound who now lives out here also. I so enjoyed seeing someone I know... We sat at the restaurant and talked for three hours. It was a treat!
My girls have been taking care of themselves while I'm working this week so every time I'm home is pretty much spent making them clean up or refereeing from their constant battle!
The dog just jumped up and put her foot right in my coffee cup, guess that's my cue to get up and get moving. Happy Saturday.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My baby is 9, how did that happen

My sweet baby girl turned 9 years old today. In my mind she is still 3! But no, she's now 9, almost 10 she told me... (and thinks she is 18)
I woke up this morning thinking of what a wonderful day it was 9 years ago...
before she insisted on doing her own hair, picking our her own clothes, etc...
This girl is the funny, outgoing, never meet a stranger kind of girl.

She requested a tiara to wear today. She chose one friend to spend the day with her and she planned our day:
We had pizza for lunch.
We had pedicures.
We went to Art Avenue to paint fun things

And we ended our evening with dinner with family and friends.

I think she enjoyed her day. I love you sweet girl, you make me smile every day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day at the Lake but we're still not boat people...

I guess in West Texas it is normal for cows to watch the fun...
For the first time since we moved here we took a family trip to the lake. (There was the one other trip where we went but the boat wouldn't start...) The lake is pretty and set down in a
canyon...also clear water compared to the lakes in the Dallas area.
Mike forgot his life vest and was forced (by me) to wear one of the standard issue orange ones...

The girls tubed and tubed and tubed....

We lost 1 hat, 1 visor and 1 anchor...and only one kid is sunburned... not bad for us ...again, we try but we're just not boat people.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The days are still going fast...

The days continue to fly by as my new job looms just 5 days away. Of course the day I start Mike leaves to go out of town. He wants me to take him to the airport for a 5 a.m. flight. I really think this is a little much to ask on the first day I have to get up at 6 anyway! Guess I'll be the good wife and do it but I'm sure not excited about it! Really, what was he thinking when he booked a 5 a.m. flight????
I still have to find the box in the garage with the things for my office. I am actually looking forward to decorating a cute new nurse's office.

My sweet niece Jennifer left for Guatemala on a mission trip today. Her church goes to a orphanage there a couple of times a year to do work. I had planned to go last year during the medically focused trip but we were in the middle of the move. If you get a minute, pray for her and the group that is there this week. I wish I could go and love on those kids!