Wednesday, April 30, 2008

12 Years Later

At 7:30ish a.m. in 1996 my baby was born. I feel like it is not even possible that it's been 12 years since that day. The sweet girl who came out with the wild, stick up, black hair turned into a beautiful, blond little girl and you have continued to get more beautiful every year!
I love that:
1. You love God
2. You have a gorgeous smile
3. Your nose wrinkles when you smile
4. You are a good friend
5. You still like to hang out with me
6. You aren't too concerned about following what your peers are doing
7. You still like to play some with your sister
8. You love children and babies
9. You are pretty easy going
10. You need your beauty sleep
11. You try hard in school
12. Your sense of humor
Have a wonderful year My Baby!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am Thankfull!

I officially have a job! Yeah! God made it an easy choice and it worked out well. I am so glad to get a school that will be a lot like where I was before and its close to home! A prayer answered!
Now on to praying the big girl will pass her math TAKS... she even asked me to pray so I know she is worried... so now, lets all bow our heads...
Also, I did a fun little project today for the patio...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

a very productive weekend

Were does the weekend go? You wake up and enjoy a leisurely Sat. morning and the next thing you know it is Sunday night. However, the trampoline got put together and I now have plants in my flower bed. My empty flower beds were stressing me out and now I feel better... I bought very small shrubs because they were in the budget... hope the miracle grow makes them visable soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Timing, it's all about the timing....

I have been pondering the job options this past week... I have two irons in the fire and one not interviewed for yet that I think would be my first choice if I could somehow get the interview in time... The one I had decided would be my second choice is of course the first one to call today with an offer... I'm trying not to worry about this and know that God is in control and will give me one where I should be... I am still amazed that I am going to have a school nurse job. My biggest fear of moving was having to go to work in a different area of nursing again where I wouldn't be off when my kids are. I am grateful to have choices...But God, please make it very obvious which offer I should take!!!
The little girl just told me it's a good day for her also. She found a half eaten box of Nerds hidden in a plant...(thanks Jennifer for dropping those there)
Jobs, Nerds, good things...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

6th Grade math is comsuming our lives or I'm not smarter than a 5th grader

We have been working at least a couple of hours each night on big girls math homework getting ready for TAKS. Even with all of this work we are still a little concerned about the outcome... I don't want to blame her teacher but her lessons aren't getting through to the big girl.... Tonight as both parents are going over answers and helping her with problems she wasn't getting, the little girl decided we need to help her with her homework. So, we did, we helped... three of us doing three digit least I understood it without checking the book to make sure I was doing it correctly... she really needed no help, she just needed us to sit by her and make sure the answers were right. Think she really just needed us to sit by her...Hope she is still good in math in 6th grade!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grumpy Tuesday

1. Jennifer went back home. We miss her and it feels more like my family is complete when she is here.
2. Dirt. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. Have I mentioned that there is more dirt flying around here than is imaginable. People warned me. I thought it wouldn't be to bad. But now I know Lubbock is not for sissies.
3. The pick up/drop off lanes at school. I am amazed that people don't pull up in line but rather stop in front of the door and block the whole lane. The kids are tired of hearing me talk about this everyday. I'm afraid one day I am going to get out and loudly explain the whole idea of a line to everyone in it!!!
4. My little girl has been very difficult today. This is not her usual nature and it makes me sad. Also, when she is being difficult she just ignores you. I'm used to Katie wanting to cry and fuss. I think that's easier than Kellie ignoring me and pouting.
5. Can't find a yard guy yet....
6. It was 30 degrees last week and 90 this week. I just am never happy when I realize the hot weather is upon us.
Amazing the difference a day makes. Yesterday Jennifer was here and we played and I loved my life. Today, the dirt made me grumpy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Meme

I was reading a blog I enjoy of a friend and loved reading the details of this, decided I wanted to play along.

How many times a week do you cook and eat out?
More than we should. We were very much in the habit of eating out several nights a week while we were moving and getting settled and that was a hard habit to break. The last couple of weeks I have cooked more and we are getting back on track.

What is your family's favorite dinner?
Everyone of us would say something different. So, if I think of something I fix we all like it would be when we grill hamburgers. If we eat out I would say anything Mexican, including the Mexican fries and burger the big girl will order!

Do you have a fast and easy recipe that you use frequently?
Swiss Steak is the family favorite the last few weeks.
2 lb lean round steak
1 pkg onion soup mix
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can beef consomme
1 onion sliced very thin
put all in a large skillet, cover, stir frequently... cook over med to med. low for an hour or two, the longer the more tender the meat. Serve with mashed potatoes.

Also, I have found a very easy but not very healthy crock pot enchilada recipe that works in a pinch!

What kind of snack and drinks do you keep on hand for the girls?
Fruit, 100 calorie snack packs, pop corn...lots of pop corn and I am finding the older they get the more they eat!

How do you break up the house work? When do you get it done?
I have to dust much more often here than I ever did, so I've started trying to wipe off counters, bar, coffee table and t.v. everyday when we get home in the afternoon before starting dinner. I try to do most of the cleaning one day during the week if I'm off or on Sat. a.m.
Also, I've subscribed to Home Sanctuary and love getting the daily email with a "little thing" to do. It really gets me to do a small thing everyday that needs to be done!

Do you have any tips for getting it done faster/easier?
I've started keeping cleaning wipes and supplies in the bathrooms and lightly cleaning more often. Also love the new scrubbing bubbles action scrubber...keep in the shower and I am much better about cleaning the glass shower!

Do you guys have a bedtime routine for girls?
Baths or showers and doing some reading together. It is getting harder to be consistent every night with laying with them, reading but still trying to do it as often as possible. They also have devotional books they got at Kamp Kanakuk last summer that we try to do together each night. They get an award this summer if they complete their book so the little girl is very motivated by this.

What is a typical day like for you all?
Up at 6ish, kids up by 6:45, leave for school by 7:20, get everyone delivered and I either go sub. or come back home to do laundry, etc. Pick girls up at 3:15, home, snacks, homework, dinner, showers, games and or t.v., girls in bed... quiet time for email, etc.

What kind of staples do you keep stocked in your kitchen?
The usual cooking basics and a few cereals, mac n cheese, soups, bread for toast when its a breakfast for dinner night.

How often do you go to the grocery store?
try to keep it to once a week

Do you have a special day for running errands or is it just when you need to? Just when I need to.

Do you and hubby share any of the household responsibilities?
he does anything outside like garage, trash, back yard stuff except for planting flowers and I do most of the inside... he is good about emptying dishwasher or if I ask him to do something specific but while I'm not working all the time I do most of it.
What's your best organization tip?
Keeping extra of what I tend to run out of the fastest and keeping all mail and stuff we drop as we walk in in one specific area.

What is your favorite cleaner(s)?
Target's environmentally friendly line. Love the daily shower spray, the counter cleaners and the glass cleaner.

How far in advance do you start planning birthday parties and events?
I love to have an event to plan so usually pretty far in advance. As for the girls birthdays, they aren't allowed to talk about their birthday till after the other one's is over so they get several months to plan their party ad nauseam.

Where do you find inspiration for all the fabulous things you do?
other people, I can get inspiration from others or pictures and copy well.

How do you keep track of all of your events/to do? see my blog on my calender I made. I use my calender daily and wanted it to be something that I enjoyed. It really does make me happy when I look at it.

Consider yourself "tagged" if you are reading this! Let me know if you do it too so I can come check other moms! ; )

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Great Weekend

Jennifer came for the weekend so we are all happy! We really miss her being with us all the time and though we always miss her having her here in our everyday life for the weekend makes me realize how much we miss her. We have done our usual weekend kind of stuff but with her along for the fun. Although with all of the sister fighting going on during her nap today after church, she may not consider any of this fun! We enjoyed some good Japanese food last night and even went to a movie without kids. What a treat!
Hubby and girls cleaned the garage today. I can now park in the garage for the first time since we moved in. I am oh so grateful for this!
I had recorded The Office for us to watch while Jennifer is here! I could hardly wait to watch Jennifer scream over Jim and Pam. I've told her if she would have her boss ask everyone to write down one single man for her or they are fired as Michael Scott did she might find a keeper. Think she's holding out for Jim.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A prayer answered but then came the wind

Leaving my job was the hardest part of moving here. I stressed about finding a new job before we moved but eventually was able to just give it to God. I have been very actively looking for a job in a school for the fall but have not been worried about it at all. I found out today that the district that I at one point gave up on, they wouldn't return my phone call for a long time and some other issues... seems to be the district I may end up working for. My only stress now is the timing of things. The school where the little girl is may have an opening and I would LOVE to be there, in the same school again and in the same district with my kids but I can't turn down this job without an offer of another... I am just so thankful that not only am I pretty certain I am going to have a job but that I may possibly have choices to make. I am so thankful that God laid in my lap today exactly what I have been praying for. I am always amazed.
Speaking of amazed, today I left for a couple of hours and forgot to close the back door after letting the dogs out...While I was out a very big wind started. As I was getting out of the car and checking the mail I could feel dirt in my teeth, it is gross. I then go inside to discover I had left the door open and the WHOLE house is covered in a layer of dirt. Now, I'm not talking "a little dusty" I mean DIRT !!!! You would not believe how much dirt I am talking about, its unbelieveable!!! This is the first time I was ready to cry and move back to Lewisville!!! After an hour or so of wiping down everything in the living room I wander through the bedroom and find that even in there (where I dusted 2 days ago) it is dirty... Really, you just can't believe how much dirt there is!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What, is tax day or something???

Ok, I waited till today to finish and submit the taxes... I assumed it would take me 10 min. or so to get it done. But no, I guess everyone waited till 8ish tonight to try to submit theirs. The tax prep site I was using was going sooooo slow and I had to re-log in a gazillion times... it's 11:00p.m., I just finished. At least Boston Legal was new tonight to watch while I signed in over and over! Maybe next year I will do it sooner... I am not bad about procrastinating but giving them money somehow makes me put it off till the last possible second!
and how did it get to be the middle of April????

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thoughts of the weekend...

...Mike took the little girl and went back to the Dallas area to pick up our boat. The big girl stayed with me... so each girl got some one on one parent time. The 24 hours they were gone was so peaceful. The girls even wanted to talk to each other on the phone a couple of times...It was good...Then when we all came back together on Sunday afternoon the girls began fighting within minutes. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!
...The little one took a spill on her bike and spent all evening getting over the scraped knee and the "almost broken finger".
..."Nim's Island", just so-so as kid movies go.
...Have I mentioned the wind out here??? Everyday inside the front door is a small pile of sand I have to sweep up and dusting is an everyday event!
...We have an on-going sock problem. I have about 20 socks without a match, 19 of which belong to the girls. Where do they go? How come a pair never makes it into the dirty clothes? A couple of months ago I bought a ton of new socks for them. I bet they are down to 5 pairs with matches. Do others have this problem? I just can't figure out where they go... I thought when we moved we would find all of the socks, the dozens of paci's, and dog toys we had lost over the years - surely they would be somewhere in the house, but No... not one...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The return of The Office and Bubbly Thursday but not the same...

When we lived in Lewisville, Jennifer would come over on Thurs.night to watch "The Office" and we accompanied this with a glass of our favorite wine. Finially, The Office is back on tonight but I don't have any of the favorite wine and Jennifer isn't here... it just isn't the same. But,I hear Michael Scott's voice... I must go...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh, the drama!

My big girl (12 this month) is in her first real tiff with a friend. The first friend she met when we moved here has proved to be a continous source of drama in our lives. Last weekend while she was here she involved my neighbor's son in the drama also.
I am just so suprised by how many issues there are at this age that I didn't expect till later. I pray constantly that she lets God be a part of all her decisions but I know that her little frontal lobe isn't up to par yet. Everyday is a lesson about the friends you keep and maybe this friend has been a learning tool for K. Hope so...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A good Saturday

Today we had no plans, no where we had to go, nothing. All afternoon I've had four 12 yr olds hanging out here. They are even being civil to the little sister most of the time. I can only hope I am setting a trend for the future of K and her friends... I really want to be the house they hang out ....I've fed them twice, gone to get more soda, laughed with them over their silly ideas as they shared them, rented movies and wii games, made cookies...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday, not as bad as Tuesday...

Well, the big kid finally got better and went back to school today.
Elvis had to go to the doggie hospital for his throwing up...My prayer was that he have the least expensive illness... is that wrong?
Reports are that he is better and should come home tomorrow. Wonder what the doggie hospital daily rate is? I'm a little worried! I tried to spring him this afternoon but they really wanted to keep him one more night to make sure the vomiting doesn't return. I just think they really like him and want the Elvis entertainment for one more day...
Yesterday after leaving Elvis at the vet I was so sad that I decided a pedicure might cheer me up. The lady, knowing I had been there a few times, I guess decided I wasn't from the health dept. and whispered the 'do you want I use the razor on your heels?' So, she went to 1st desk from the door, lifted the lamp and retrieved the secret foot razor sort of tool from under it and worked magic on my feet. There was some hushed whispering during this, I'm not sure if the discussion was about my chubby, white feet or risking the 'razor'. In this establishment though I think I have found the best, big, massaging chair in the world. However, today I have two spots that the super massaging chair seemed to have overworked... I wonder if I could just go sit in the chair again to work on those two spots... and then again tomorrow... wonder how much those chairs cost????
'Lost' is a repeat tonight. I'm a little put out about that...but not quite as much as like last week, when we all settled into the living room only then to find out it was a repeat... there was much moaning and fussing from the girls... and me... and Mike...
But, everyone is well and I have smooth feet and 'Cajun shrimp' toes - its a good day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday in "The throwin-up-est house in all the land"

yes, Jennifer hit it on the today head when she told me that we are officially the 'throwin-up-est house in all the land'.
My day started with the dog throwing up. Not once but millions of times. I had to go pick up nausea medication for him at the vet. I'm pretty sure the $13 medication would have been $4. at Walmart but that's not what the vet charges to put it in the bottle...
as we were walking out the door to school for kids and me to sub, the big girl started throwing up. Nothing like getting completely ready, even having a good hair day going on before you find out you can stay home...oh well, it didn't take long to get sweats on! Got some good house cleaning done though, something good always comes out of any situation...

Have I told you that every morning when I take the puppy out while its still barely dark, the sky and peacefulness of a new day amazes me. I wish that I could get up early enough to do quiet time and enjoy the peacefulness before the getting the kids up...

Look what I won at Home Sanctuary, me, who never wins anything....

I am so proud of Jennifer today. She has something going on at school/work and is handling it with a great attitude. I'm sure that this change will be a blessing, she just doesn't know it yet...

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11