Sunday, April 27, 2008

a very productive weekend

Were does the weekend go? You wake up and enjoy a leisurely Sat. morning and the next thing you know it is Sunday night. However, the trampoline got put together and I now have plants in my flower bed. My empty flower beds were stressing me out and now I feel better... I bought very small shrubs because they were in the budget... hope the miracle grow makes them visable soon!


Jennifer said...

I love the weekends where you feel like you have accomplished something and there's something visible to show for your hard work! Great job with the yard - looks fabulous! (o:

Jennifer said...

I love what you did with the yard! It looks great! Glad the trampoline was put together without me hanging on it to get it just right!

By the way, lets see just how many Jennifer's we can get to comment on the blog!

What's next said...

it still needs you hanging on it.. its not completle attached at the top! Thought I did ok on the yard given that gina didnt' come help me this time!