Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall is here, fall is here!!!

I love this time of year.
 It's been cool in the mornings
 but still in the 80's during the day.

But today, the high is in the 60's and the low tonight is in the low 40's.

I have all the windows open. 
The windows with an inch of dirt in the area between the window and the screen and the thick layer of dust on the blinds...but that is for another day, I had to pretend it wasn't there today.  I had to enjoy the fall day.
I went to breakfast with friends this morning when it was cool and beautiful out minus the always present gusting winds...
Then I ran many errands since I worked last weekend.
Speaking of last weekend...
I am working a private duty job and there is a family member there that is, how should I say this, odd, wacky, different...
I really thought nothing surprised me anymore.
But last weekend. 
I was surprised.
Surprised when the family member walked into my patients room carrying a cat.
a DEAD cat. 
yep...there I was just working away and I look up and there is someone with a dead cat carrying it like a baby, having it say goodbye to the patient before they buried it.  A more than 24 hr dead cat.
Craziest thing ever.
And as hard as I tried I couldn't sneak a picture of it. 
This seemed to set the tone for my week...
There were kids with crazy complaints, rock in an ear, and a little drama at the school.  But no dead cats...
And tell me all parents get texts like this.  Please.  So much for not texting during school.
My poor deadly sick kid just has the common cold I believe.  We opted to wait on the Dr after I could see her throat in person.
She is at the Corn Maize as we speak in the wind and cool weather even though I reminded her she was 'deadly' sick...
And the oldest is headed to the drive in to freeze tonight. 

Enjoy the fall weekend!