Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An evening of mystery and wonder?

We have finally gotten the leak repairs finished! 
I spent the a lot of the weekend moving things back down there and getting the Christmas stuff down to the closet.  I was glad to get the trees out of the house before valentine's day.
After all the moving, cleaning, and fun I decided to enjoy the basement. 
Who knew that the teens would want to hang out with me, watch "The Help" and ask to learn to crochet. 

But, they did.

We were enjoying a cozy night in the basement when the younger one and her two friends come in and try the "proposal" idea again. 
Here is the latest....

Was your weekend spent partying at the "I Hop"?
The girls did not get to party at the I Hop.  I did agree to drive them to the donut store that stays open all night only to find out that they no longer stay open all night. When did that happen?
But you know who stays open all night?  Walmart, they do and they have donuts... Not the "hot and fresh" donuts but the best I could do.
God did bless me with a house full of girls for the weekend.
I hope I didn't ruin their memory of MLK weekend forever denying them the mystery and wonder of pancakes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It was just like I dreamed it would be

The new year is starting off as fast as last year seemed to go!  I kind of wish it would slow down just a bit...

On New Year's day I came home from a very good shopping trip to Dillard's extra 50% off sale to 6 girls waiting on me...
They had a "proposal" for me...
I was scared.

The sat me down and this is what I got... a slide show of sorts...

They had called a hotel to see how much it would be, pooled their money, thrown in a random gift card and had a very detailed plan which included the sisters "getting along" and the olders playing with the youngers, etc...

I had no plans and I think they were absolutely shocked when I agreed... who can refuse good hospitality?
But, I had a few conditions....
We were going that day, on the 1st rather than the 2nd.
I got to pick the hotel. 
They HAD to get along.
They HAD to be quiet in their hotel room.
They had to actually give me the money they promised.
And basically had to agree to be my slave after we got home...

Let me tell you that I think we'll be doing this again...It was a fun treat for everyone.

The hotel had a very good happy hour and breakfast.
They are old enough I didn't have to be with them every minute.
They were very good. 
They all got along. 
I was in the room next door. 
ALONE.  (I've dreamed of this!!!)
With magazines.
And black out drapes.

This may be what the rooms and beds in heaven will be like...

I would get an occasional text that said something like "oh sorry, didn't mean to be loud, we'll be quieter"....
A friend of mine came for breakfast. 

It was a good start to the new year!

But then I came home to the house that is under construction from the flood...and is still under construction but should be done soon.  Maybe.

We are back in full swing with construction, school, church, and have added dieting and working out...

Hope your New Year is full of wonderful things! 
If not, go to the hotel for a night.  It will change your life.