Monday, July 15, 2013


Katie just spent a week in Colo. working a camp.  She came even more in love with her youth group and with Jesus. 
The conversations we've had and the things I've seen her step up to do are really impressing me.
I knew it was there, just glad to see maturity and her love of Christ so outwardly right now.
Unfortunately, with that comes some disappointment for her in some friends.
I swear life was easier before texting. 
If half of their relationship wasn't fostered through texting I think there would be a lot less drama and worry.
I'm so glad she spent some time in such a pretty place
with a great group of kids

Not much is happening here.  Mike not having a job yet is slowing down my usual summer activities but a whole summer of family time has been a nice treat. 

My favorite thing of the week is Banana Macaroon Granola
Vanilla yogurt, a little spoonful of Lemon Curd and some granola has been the breakfast of choice lately.


Monday, July 8, 2013

It's an illness

I tried something new this week...
I signed up for and picked up a "bountiful basket".  A food co op.  I stood in line in the heat with about 100 other people for my basket.
A friend went too and she is going out of town this week so  she brought me her pineapple and some ginger.  So my illness took over and I had to make something completely non healthy with it.

Pineapple Ginger Jelly

It is sooo good
I will be making more of this
I think I will check out the local farm with a stand that sells the produce tomorrow... I'll see what they have there I can make jelly out of...
Katie left for a "staffing" camp to work for the week.
  She was very surprised that there was no A/C in the building where they are staying in Colo. 
 Of course I looked it up and the low last night was going to be 56... think she will survive.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

We missed the fireworks?

This having the summer off, as good as it is, I completely loose track of days... 
especially when Kellie is gone and I'm hanging out by myself most of the time
Just FYI...

On Tuesday Jennifer and Kellie came home
I think her sister even missed her...
she had a great time but the majority of pictures Jennifer sent me looked like this.  She should be all caught up on her rest
On the way home they stopped and bought sparklers because my kids are sheltered and have never done any fireworks...(because I am a fun sucker I believe is how they described me)

On the 4th we went to a movie
and we went to lunch where Katie works
look at the nice girl waiting on us
now look at the angry girl waiting on her sister
we headed out to watch fireworks... we sat just down the street from where we usually watch them
There were tons of other people around us

luckily there were a few fireworks around us
But.  We waited and waited for the big show.  Waited till everyone started leaving.  Apparently moving just down the street wasn't a good idea. 
We never saw the fireworks
But someone bought sparklers
and saved the day