Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's worse than being sick...

What's worse than being sick, felling like death and defiantly looking like death? Being the only other person in waiting room at the Dr's office with the pastor of the church you joined recently... I'm beginning to see the "small town" side of Lubbock... If I know someone most places we go, it is a small town! So, looking like I need to die I got to sit and visit with our new pastor. I looked up, smiled looked back at my magazine giving him the opportunity to not acknowledge if he knew me or not, but no, he's nice, he recognized me and started a conversation...Hope I didn't give him the walking death! I guess I didn't look bad enough though, he offered up no prayer for my misery there in the waiting room or even the obligatory "I'll being praying for you and that barking cough..." and if that weren't enough, the cute, young receptionist asked what school I worked at, when I answered she told me she had gone to that elem. school... oh, and her mom is a school nurse I work with... small town, a big small town...
Flying to Dallas tomorrow afternoon for the weekend... I'm getting to spend some family time and see some good friends I'm needing a dose of!
Dad has to take care of the trick or treating, getting big girl to a couple of places and keeping up with the other girl...Hope he's up to the challenge and hope my head doesn't explode on the plane...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a little halloween fun

We carved a pumpkin, wait, she carved a pumpkin for the little Halloween party we had... I wasn't allowed to help. I love that she wants to do it herself but of course I would have loved to offer my opinion on how it should look...I'm getting used to no one wanting my opinion anymore! But, you know I'm just happy for a reason to decorate for something!

Daisy (Jennifer's dog)seemed to like the tiara, Ellie not so much!

And Mike, don't think he even noticed that he wore it during part of a football game...

Then the kids arrived...the boys didn't dress up because I had a no scary costume rule so apparently that eliminated their choices...The girls looked cute, the boys danced, none of the girls joined in... Oh, to be in 7th grade, NOT!
There was bobbing for apples, smores, scary stories and someone busting in through the gate during the story to make them all scream! Just what they requested!

Someone hated dressing up, she refused to move...
A good time was had by all!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glad it's almost the weekend!

So, not much has gone on this week...normal days, a choir concert, driving to dance again and again, and a weird week at work... I have heard some of the strangest things this week in my office at school... I'm ready for Friday!
Jennifer is coming tomorrow for the weekend.
Sat. night we have a little party going on for a few friends of the kid's... they want us to try to do something to scare them at the party, I just want it to look cute... we have completely different idea's of how this party should go!

Monday, October 20, 2008

the weird things I hear...

Big girl: I want Sonic on the way to dance
Dad: No
Big girl: yes, please
Dad: No, I think we are going to a restaurant while you're at dance
Big girl: that's not fair
Dad: it's not fair I can't take dance
Big girl: old men can't take dance
Dad: girl's can't eat out

Thursday, October 16, 2008

An education from the bus

My kids have never ridden the bus till this school year and they only ride it home. It seems the Big girl is learning way more here than I am ready for....
Yesterday all four of us were in the car and from the back the Big girl is telling us a lovely tale of two people "making out" on the bus...before I can stop this conversation from progressing she adds something about someone talking about a condom on the bus.... as I am trying not to sound horrified as I tell her we need to change the subject...the little girl asks what a condeming is... I'm stammering saying "nothing, we'll talk about it later" all the while giving the Big Girl the evil eye in the rear view mirror... by this time Mike has started laughing and the Little girl adds "apparently dad knows what it it a drug, what does it do". I could have gone forever without that conversation!
It was awful! It is not right, things I'm ready for them to learn are presented on the bus! I don't know how else to get them home... I've told them to sit in the front and not talk to anyone! I'm feeling like the bad mom letting them ride the bus...ugh. We had a long talk after the little girl got out at dance about appropriate talk around the sister!

I am thankful tomorrow is Friday.
I am thankful we don't have any plans this weekend
I am thankful God stirred Mike's heart a little this week

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm a "cool mom", I'm sure that won't last...

Sat. the big girl and two of her friends wanted to go to the mall. This sounded OK till she asked if I would drop them off... ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? When did she decide she was old enough to go to the mall and to go without a parent? This really took me by surprise! Her first defense of this idea was that I should "trust her".... of course I trust her, she hasn't really had any opportunities to do anything to loose my trust...

When I explained that I just wasn't going to drop them off. Not yet. She took this info back downstairs to her friends only to find out that they didn't care if I took them, apparently they told her that I am cool and they like me and didn't mind if I went... hmmm, how about that? Guess being the house with the toys and feeding them well is paying off. I do have to say that both of her friends were very happy about me feeding them well all weekend, one wanted to know if I could teach her mom to cook.... no, no dear I can't, I want you to always want to come here to our house!

Let me tell you what a big deal it was for me to go the mall... first, I'm just not a shopper, don't go the mall unless I have to AND it was cloudy and rainy and there is nothing I enjoy more than a rainy day where I never leave the house! But, being the cool mom, I had to go. The little girl and I went our own way and told the big girls to meet us in an hour at the food court. It was sitting at the food court that made me glad I had come with them. I have to admit, being in a smaller town made it better than it would have at say, Grapevine Mills Mall but there were still your fair share of weird looking youth there. They did bump in to two other friends who had been dropped off and also one of their teachers. I know eventually I will let her go alone, but for now I prefer walking a store or two behind them where I can keep an eye on them...So a trip to the mall and as usual I didn't get a thing!

Mike has been out of town for almost a week now... it is quiet would think my kids make all the ruckus in our house but it seems dad must do his fair share because it has been very quiet this weekend... I'll be glad when he's home. Even Elvis seems one to watch football with today....

Friday, October 10, 2008

A quiet afternoon

The school district I work for had an early release day, my kid's schools did not. So, I got off at 12:15 and had an afternoon all to myself... it is a beautiful day so I sat on a float in the VERY cold pool (its a great float where only your bottom is in the water) and took a short nap... it was wonderful!

I worked on some jewelry

I made some great homemade salsa. I had queso, salsa and other snacks ready for the girls and their two friends that came home with them. I even made chocolate cupcakes to make Chili's 'molten lava' cakes for them to have later tonight.

It's amazing what you can get done in a few quiet hours!

Here is my plan for tonight:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Fri. at my school, 5 other nurses and about 12 volunteers helped me do hearing, vision, ht/wt and dental screening on about 500 kids in less than 4 hours. Can I tell you how miraculous that is??? I am so glad it's over and so so glad it went smoothly!
That alone had me start my weekend feeling thankful... Now I'm also thankful for a very uneventful weekend, Mexican food twice this weekend, I found a new good wine, a good sermon at church this morning (I guess being baptist the sermon shouldn't have been right next to the wine but just thinking in order of the weekend), a very loud thunder storm this afternoon, a short nap during the stormy weather, and the whole family laying around watching a Cowboy game. It's a good day.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 3-4