Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brrr...it's cold out there

It turned COLD outside last night. You know, 80 one day, 14 the next... and we had a 10% chance of a wintery mix...

At 6 a.m. when the phone rang I was a little hope full it was the "no school today" call but no, it was the 'leave early, it's icy out there call'... thanks, thanks a lot... They changed our chance of percipatation since we have had the wintery mix all day.

The streets were very icy trying to get home. They have delayed school for 2 hours tomorrow. For the kids. Not for the staff. What's that about. I want to sleep in too and who's going to take my kids to school while I'm already at work... again, thanks, thanks a lot...

The girls came home and tried to play in the sleet they thought was snow. That didn't last long because it is soooo cold. But, the fire is on, we're in pj's, having hot chocolate and popcorn. It's a cozy evening.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A few happy things

A new Papa Murphy's pizza place just opened near by. I have really missed the Veggie de-lite since we moved...
Welcome home Veggie de-lite.
Since I am the only one in the house who likes it, I'll be enjoying it all weekend long.

After watching the scarf tying videos from Big Mama and Brandi, we went to Walmart to look for the $5.00 scarf. I found a $8 long sleeved, black tee and $5 pink scarf and now have a new outfit! If I can ever have a turn with the scarf...

The scarf was near the valentine candy isle... I love valentines just for cute, red candy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My sister is 13 years my senior. Her two girls are 10 years apart. Then I went changed the pattern by having my girls only 3 years apart.

Growing up, I hated my sister being that much older. I really didn't care much for her most of the time, she was just a mean teenager in my mind... she was married by the time I was 7. I really hated when she would come home for visits and get all of my attention. She redeemed herself finally by having a baby when I was 13... that was a good thing. I didn't mind that sweet girl getting some of my attention... (and that she did, I only thought my sister took my mom's attention... that was nothing compared to the first grandchild) I had to get a whole lot older to appreciate my sister!

I swore when I had a family that I would never have kids that were so far apart that they are raised like only children like we were. Now I think I can see the up side to that!

One of my best friends and her sister are only 4 or 5 years apart and they love each other so. I wanted kids like that. I can only pray that's how the story will turn out because right now it couldn't be further from that.

My girls are going through a phase that may possibly kill one of us. They fight ALL the time. Wait, they do occasionally quit fighting long enough to share some deep conversation, like what is coming on Disney channel or other important life issues like that. But then it's right back to hitting, yelling, oh, the yelling! It never ends.

They fight over anything and everything. They fight over which cup they want, socks, clothes, who goes first, last, who's petting who's dog, who does what better than the other, who got more fries in their order, on and on. The list is never ending.
Individually they are both great kids. Both are sweet, funny and really enjoyable. Together they are making me crazy.

I have talked. and talked. and talked about how to be better to your sister. We have done Bible studies about family and relationships together, we talk about how we can solve the problem. They apologize, hug, walk away and begin fighting about something new.

I have thought about resigning.
Then I spend some individual time with them and am reminded of just how sweet they are. Just not to each other. I know how blessed we are as a family and try to focus on that but it's starting to make me a little cranky.
I can only hope that this season in our family will pass QUICKLY. Please.

Makes you want to come stay at my house doesn't it?

Please, come, talk to me but don't yell or fight. I need it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I read this post from Pioneer Woman about her flank steak (picture from Pioneer Woman but mine looked just like that) and decided that we were trying that tonight... and let me tell you she was right, this is a mighty good flank steak! Fresh corn, salad, this steak and homemade Flan for dessert... it was a yummy night! You must try it and if you do let me know so I can share the flan recipe with you... it's worth it!!!

Grocery store trip, cleaning and then the girls and I went to see Bride Wars today... better than I expected but very, very predictable chick flick!
You can see why the flank steak was the highlight of my day...

Friday, January 9, 2009


It was a very long week! Getting back in the swing of thing is hard. Now that it's Friday it's hard to remember there was a break...
The first day back to school the girls popped up out of bed like I have never seen. That only happened the first day, now we are back to dragging them out of the bed.

African Children's Choir came to our church Wed. night... a couple of the girls and a chaperon stayed at my neighbors and we all had dinner together. It was a treat getting to love on the two little girls and visit with the chaperon to hear all about their life and tour. A good reminder to my kids that they are blessed.

Happy Weekend!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the routine....

So back to work for me today. I didn't mind it to bad but it could have been an easier transition.

Last night I left my car in the driveway rather than the garage and the freezing rain the weather man predicted would go south of us... well, it wasn't as south as he said...after finially getting the door to the car open while trying not to fall and trying to use a spatuala to scrape the ice, I finally slid to work slowly.
By the way, one of the things we told the girls about moving to Lubbock is that there would be more snow... everyone told us that... tonight on the news they said it seems to be a la Nina pattern and that would decrease our chances of winter weather in the next month or so....
I think I wanted the "more snow" worse than my kids...
but BRRRR it's cold today...

I haven't officially checked, but based on the day we had a school today it must be a full moon.

My kids had one more day off than I did. I only had to referee one fight on the phone with them... that is a good day...and the house actually didn't look any worse than I left it... so, again, it must be a full moon!

Have a warm, non full moon-ish evening!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A trip to the DPS... always a treat

So, my drivers lisc. expired on the 31st. I remembered this today and made the trip to the DPS as I guess every other renewal you can't do online. You know every time I've ever gone to the DPS it has been an adventure in patience.
Let me start with-

Dear Stupid Young Adult in the Jeep,

If you are going to the DPS I would think you would want to avoid an accident in their parking lot. As I was pulling into the parking lot I had to stop for the car backing out and when you chose to whip around me and into a parking spot while giving me that look, you almost hit the elderly person I was stopped for. Did you really think I might just be stopping there to block your entrance? You might also know that as I stood in line wishing I could thump you in the head or at least tell on you and have your licence revoked, I also wanted to pull your shirt down so we didn't all have to see your back above your too tight jeans.
Irritated before I got in the door

Secondly, I do think it was elderly and possibly mentally ill day at the DPS.

As you walk in the door there is a sign at a desk that says "start here" so I got in that line. As soon as I do the gentleman in front of me turns and asks me what this line is for. Really, I just walked in door and did as the sign said. You were here before me, I should be asking you that. Turns out he was trying to get a Texas ID card and told the lady he had been in the "hospital for a LONG time" and didn't have his original birth certificate because it was " washed away". He may be on his way back to the hospital after his frustration at the DPS.

I am certain that the job of the women at the "begin here" line is a job I will never want. I prayed for her today. Also, given the craziness she must endure on a daily basis, they could at least spiff up the joint. I mean the 1970 decor and dreary colors would be reason enough to make me grouchy. Just some paint people... It might make the DPS a better place.
Oh well, the line went fast and I was going to say I don't have to do it again for 8 years but then I remembered painfully, I will have to accompany the big girls in a few short years! Ugh.

On a brighter note, tree is down, house is clean, a couple of errands were run... isn't it funny how much bigger your house looks when you first take down the trees???