Wednesday, April 30, 2014

18 years later

So, 18 years ago I had the cutest little black haired baby you ever did see.  18 years?  How on earth?  It has been a great 18 years.

She got mad when I tried hold her like a baby this morning.
But overall, she's a wonderful girl!

and a lot of fun!
Cara Stegall Ridlehuber's photo.  happy birthday to this mangy little lion󾍃 I love you tons! we're
both legal 󾔗󾔗 hope your day is as awesome as you are!

And Jennifer posted great words about her:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why do I have two when he can't find one?

Well, it's Feb. and I'm still neglecting the blog. 

Mike continues the job hunt.

I am loving my part time job. 
It absolutely amazes me that as much as I love time at home I would say I love a second job.
God has been so faithful to provide at every turn for us in this unemployment adventure and I fully believe me finding this job was a little reward for having to work so much.
I am working with Intellectually Disabled individuals in group homes and foster care. 
I never ever ever dreamed I would like working in this type of nursing.
I HATED psych. nursing rotation in nursing school and when I found out that some of these people are not just "intellectually" disabled but have some pretty severe mental illness I was pretty sure I would quit not enjoy this. 
I have to tell you that I have some of the sweetest patients I've ever met.
One man looked so scary to me but after the bear hug I got when I met him I knew he was just a sweet guy who looked a little rough.
One little lady is such a joy I would go see her everyday if I could. 
I've also learned that when patients depend on the government or state for their care it is a game of how to get paid for things and the wait for things is unbelievable.
Seeing teenagers who are disabled living in a group home is heartbreaking. 
I am always thankful for my healthy children but this is a reminder once again.

I am little mad that we've had some serious cold weather but not a single snow day.  We've had snow but it's never quite enough.
I need one.  Just a day at home with all my people.

I've spent a little too much time on Pinterest lately looking at graduation party ideas.  Plan on coming, it will be cute! 

Tonight is unusual.  No work I need to do.  No where I have to go.  Kellie's not feeling good so we're sitting by the fire listening to a snoring dog.  God is good.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014, I know you are going to be great

Well, life has been life and the blog seemed to not be in it for a while.

Life has been so different this past year.
Mike still looking for a job.
Me working more than one job.
Mike has been doing all the at home jobs. 
He seems to like laundry best.
Mopping is not his strongest area.
Or dusting.
But laundry, he's got that one down.
I've had to try to not complain about anything he does (or doesn't do) and try not to complain about me working so much.  
I've done pretty good I believe.  Minus the weight I've re-gained of course.
I have learned to let go of some things.
I've valued family time even more than I did before.

I've watched God be so faithful and provide in unexpected ways.
I've seen His hand in this whole "season".
I quit the part time job and we are praying Mike gets an offer in the next week. 
I'm looking at another part time job that would be much more flexible and not with the crazy environment I was in at the last one.
We are working on things like scholarship applications and talking of graduation for the big girl.

Life continues even if it looks a little different right now.

Here's to 2014 and all the new it brings.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall is here, fall is here!!!

I love this time of year.
 It's been cool in the mornings
 but still in the 80's during the day.

But today, the high is in the 60's and the low tonight is in the low 40's.

I have all the windows open. 
The windows with an inch of dirt in the area between the window and the screen and the thick layer of dust on the blinds...but that is for another day, I had to pretend it wasn't there today.  I had to enjoy the fall day.
I went to breakfast with friends this morning when it was cool and beautiful out minus the always present gusting winds...
Then I ran many errands since I worked last weekend.
Speaking of last weekend...
I am working a private duty job and there is a family member there that is, how should I say this, odd, wacky, different...
I really thought nothing surprised me anymore.
But last weekend. 
I was surprised.
Surprised when the family member walked into my patients room carrying a cat.
a DEAD cat. 
yep...there I was just working away and I look up and there is someone with a dead cat carrying it like a baby, having it say goodbye to the patient before they buried it.  A more than 24 hr dead cat.
Craziest thing ever.
And as hard as I tried I couldn't sneak a picture of it. 
This seemed to set the tone for my week...
There were kids with crazy complaints, rock in an ear, and a little drama at the school.  But no dead cats...
And tell me all parents get texts like this.  Please.  So much for not texting during school.
My poor deadly sick kid just has the common cold I believe.  We opted to wait on the Dr after I could see her throat in person.
She is at the Corn Maize as we speak in the wind and cool weather even though I reminded her she was 'deadly' sick...
And the oldest is headed to the drive in to freeze tonight. 

Enjoy the fall weekend!

Friday, September 27, 2013

I've got nothing

So, a month later I've found my way back to blog...
There have been a few things keeping from it.
The main one is I never get to use my laptop.  Both girls use it for school so much that I never get a turn.  It's time for more than one computer in the house I believe.
Not that I've had pressing things I need to discuss.
Nope.  Nothing.

Mike is busy reffing football while stilllll looking for job.
The girls are busy with the usual school, work, friends, etc.
I'm still working an extra job.
And we are enjoying some fall weather off and on.  60's a few days last week, 90's again this week.  But, it's coming, I know it is.
I have the fall decorations out.
High school football
 I made homemade pumpkin creamer.
I pulled out some crocheting (which my kids say makes me a granny untill they want something)

That means it has to be coming right?

Monday, August 26, 2013


I was the first one gone this morning. 
I got to school early and was ready for all the craziness of the first morning at my school. 
That was a first.
But I missed dropping a kid off a school.
Because now they go the same High School. 
Just one year of togetherness. 
One year of Katie driving her to school (and some friends that tagged along). 
I texted Katie to see if she had seen Kellie during the day.  The answer, "yea, I had lunch with her".  It made me tear up. 
A year of them in the same school for some reason makes my heart happy. 
They fuss about the "first day of schoool" picture every year but I made them promise to let dad take one.  I can't believe they even smiled.
When I asked Kellie if she was excited or scared she said "NO... it's just another day of school" and when I asked Katie if she was excited it's her senior year she said "NO...I'm just ready for it to be over..."
Well, I was scared and excited for them.  And as I could have predicted, Kellie had "just another day at school".  She is so easy going it was just no big deal to her.  And Katie called me as soon as she got out to talk a little more about where she wants to go to college.   She is really ready for it to be over.

A first day of high school and a first day of the last year of high school.
 I think I'm really not that crazy about either of those.
It's going too fast.
That thought or sentence is really NOT a first...
But it sure is fun.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A month later...

The summer has sped by slowly this year.
I have enjoyed all the days we had at home doing nothing.
Family time has been the highlight of my summer. 
Mike is still without a job.  And just when I got a little panicky about money God handed me a little part time job where I am getting to do the type of nursing care that I haven't done in years and I am really enjoying it. 
But summer is coming to an end and school starts for me next week. 
Here is a quick summery of the last few weeks....
Right before starting the new job I got to get away with good friends.  It was exactly what I needed.
Is there anything better than girlfriend time in the mountains?
We spent a lot of time out on the deck enjoying the cool weather.
There were rain storms that sounded beautiful on the metal roof.
We worked on our Project life books
and I fed the deer everything I could find.
I am so thankful for a wonderful friend with a beautiful house she was kind
enough to share.
I came home and started the new job that came with a friend
he loves to come inside and take a nap in the cool air
I took Katie to have her Sr. cap and gown pictures made
I didn't even cry.
The last week has been such a blur because I worked so much .
I was enjoying a night off and cooking dinner when
I made a little slip with my new chefs knife.
It is as sharp as they advertised
luckily I just missed some important things in there
and a few stitches later...
I think I'll be using the  dishwasher for that knife from now on....
Tomorrow my baby will be 14.  14.  That isn't even any sort of a little kid anymore and I really don't like that.  Not one bit.
She is however, a really great teenager (so far)!
We went to dinner tonight so tomorrow she can spend the evening with the important people.  Her friends. 

I may hate she is not my baby anymore but I sure do love the girl she has turned into. 
That is, when she'll hang out with me!
Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!!! 
 I love love love you.