Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where is my prarie?

I was given several pink pumpkins. 
I was excited about putting them on the porch until....
 Someone told me they are really good for cooking.

I have a new pressure cooker that was just waiting on some pumpkin.

It was a lot of work but I have some really good pumpkin in the freezer now...
 Look sideways at my new new pressure cooker because that is the only way these pictures would load...
It made a great pie

My sweet friend Madelyn taught me all about the "jelly roll" quilt and gave me a jelly roll to try.
I made my first quilt top this past weekend...I love the Christmas prints.
Ellie the dog who thinks she is a cat loved the long long quilt pieces
And last night I worked on a bucket list
I'm going to frame it as a check list for the holiday season
I felt like I needed a craft / activity that didn't make me feel like a grandmother living on a prarie somewhere...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Of course her teeth fell out

The small things that seem to keep us busy all the time.
Now, I know I don't have kids in a million sports like a lot of people I know.
I know I have one driving now. 
But still, you know kids just keep you busy. 
And laundry.  Laundry keeps my busy.

But the new thing taking up my time is the guinea pig.  Kitty.  Kitty is a sweet little thing.
This week though we discovered that her top teeth were missing. Or broken off.  Not there.  Gone.

Google says it is not unusual but not normal and we should go to the vet.  Hmm, the vet for a guinea pig?  No, we won't be doing that...

Google also said she would have to be hand fed since she can't scoop up her food with the top tooth missing.  That would explain why she hasn't been eating her food or carrots...

So Kitty and I have been spending quality time together.  She is a big fan of lettuce salad bag mix.  The food has to be in skinny little pieces.  And I seem to know just how she likes the food.  She won't eat as good for the girls.... Of course.
                       Ellie thinks it's play time every time we have Kitty out... It is pretty funny.

I can see a new tooth peeking through... I'm praying it comes in fast!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Where did the week go?

I've tried all week to update the blog but every time I get the computer in my lap one of the kids needs it for homework.  I think it's time for a second laptop!

So better late than never...

Last weekend I thought we had no plans but at the last minute we ended up going with friends to the Texas Tech football game.
I had never been to a college game and this was the perfect first game
We had a lot of fun tailgating and great seats for the game.
They won big and a streaker ran out on the field...
as I said, a great first game...

I was just enjoying the first evening at home this week, thinking how crazy my week had been.  Then I started watching an episode of Parenthood and realized I have nothing to complain about... those people have more drama than any family ever.
It makes my errands, meetings, choir concerts and laundry that won't end look like a week at the spa.
I needed that...

And now the weekend is here again.  What are you up to?

Have a bragged on my girls lately?

Kellie is in a skit group at church
And Katie is singing in the youth praise band
It's fun to watch these girls grow up.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

A much needed time out

Last night I went away with our youth to the guys/girls retreat.  We were home by two today but I feel like I've been on a little tiny vacation.

There is something refreshing about a crisp fall night around a bonfire!

The camp was down in a canyon.  It was a clear night with bright stars....

 talented young guys with guitars who led a little worship.
We spent some time in prayer out there.  Some how you feel just a little closer to God out enjoying his handy work...


then there were s'mores!


 and a late night game in the cold playing capture the flag

 some games inside where it was warmer
There wasn't much sleep but getting up to cook breakfast was a treat.
Good coffee, good company cooking and
being awake for the (cloudy) sunrise made it all worthwhile

I had made homemade cinnamon rolls (Pioneer Woman Recipe) and took for part of breakfast today.  That did make me the favorite of the day! 
I made the double batch of dough on Thursday night.  I mixed it all up in the largest pot I had, ran to the store and came home to what looked like a science experiment gone bad.  It was running over and out of the pan all over the counter.  I wish I had thought to take a picture before I cleaned it up!

I needed some good worship time, cool fall weather and time with these sweet girls to recharge a little. 

We passed through the "Pumpkin capital of Texas" and Floyd's pumpkin patch where they were really growning out in the field, not just stacked up on a corner somewhere.
The girls assured me the other two cars and the bus full of kids did not want to stop so I had to pass it up...
I'm home, washed off the camp fire smell, have soup cooking, and life is good.

I hope you're having a cloudy, cool weekend too!



Monday, October 1, 2012

Things you would think I should be saying to the kids...

Oh my.  That's about all I can think to say.  Or help.  Maybe help is a better word.
It is day 8 of the mother in law recovery tour. 
I knew her personality well before this visit I thought.
I knew she was a little demanding...
But.  I did not know to what extent.

You know how your kids have a super power for needing to talk to you when ever you get on the phone?  (or in Jennifer's case, your dog?)
Well, if I even think about putting my bottom near a chair she says "are you busy?"  or "when you get time..."
Yes.  I am busy sitting down for the first time all weekend.... 
Then she'll say "but it can wait if you need to rest..."  Rest?  Who in this house has ever seen me rest????
Yesterday I walked in the door and Katie asked me to look at something wrong with her toe and before I could look at it the mother in law asked me to help her change her dressing and as I walked past Mike he asked if I could get him an ice pack.  Really?

The things I've had to say lately and not to my children : 
  • why are you having such a fit about____?
  • you need to be nice when you go to that Dr's apt
  • we don't use that word
  • or that word

But I think she's just as tired of us... she's trying to get Mike to take her home early and not stay to go to her Dr's appointments with her.  I think she is afraid the Dr might tell her she has to go back home with us...

On a positive note, she's very bored and keeps my dishwasher unloaded (the job I hate) and she finished a puzzle Kellie started...
and I have been very glad to see her spend some time with the girls.

And right now I must go help with 8th grade vocab words and french braid some hair...