Saturday, October 6, 2012

A much needed time out

Last night I went away with our youth to the guys/girls retreat.  We were home by two today but I feel like I've been on a little tiny vacation.

There is something refreshing about a crisp fall night around a bonfire!

The camp was down in a canyon.  It was a clear night with bright stars....

 talented young guys with guitars who led a little worship.
We spent some time in prayer out there.  Some how you feel just a little closer to God out enjoying his handy work...


then there were s'mores!


 and a late night game in the cold playing capture the flag

 some games inside where it was warmer
There wasn't much sleep but getting up to cook breakfast was a treat.
Good coffee, good company cooking and
being awake for the (cloudy) sunrise made it all worthwhile

I had made homemade cinnamon rolls (Pioneer Woman Recipe) and took for part of breakfast today.  That did make me the favorite of the day! 
I made the double batch of dough on Thursday night.  I mixed it all up in the largest pot I had, ran to the store and came home to what looked like a science experiment gone bad.  It was running over and out of the pan all over the counter.  I wish I had thought to take a picture before I cleaned it up!

I needed some good worship time, cool fall weather and time with these sweet girls to recharge a little. 

We passed through the "Pumpkin capital of Texas" and Floyd's pumpkin patch where they were really growning out in the field, not just stacked up on a corner somewhere.
The girls assured me the other two cars and the bus full of kids did not want to stop so I had to pass it up...
I'm home, washed off the camp fire smell, have soup cooking, and life is good.

I hope you're having a cloudy, cool weekend too!



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