Monday, October 1, 2012

Things you would think I should be saying to the kids...

Oh my.  That's about all I can think to say.  Or help.  Maybe help is a better word.
It is day 8 of the mother in law recovery tour. 
I knew her personality well before this visit I thought.
I knew she was a little demanding...
But.  I did not know to what extent.

You know how your kids have a super power for needing to talk to you when ever you get on the phone?  (or in Jennifer's case, your dog?)
Well, if I even think about putting my bottom near a chair she says "are you busy?"  or "when you get time..."
Yes.  I am busy sitting down for the first time all weekend.... 
Then she'll say "but it can wait if you need to rest..."  Rest?  Who in this house has ever seen me rest????
Yesterday I walked in the door and Katie asked me to look at something wrong with her toe and before I could look at it the mother in law asked me to help her change her dressing and as I walked past Mike he asked if I could get him an ice pack.  Really?

The things I've had to say lately and not to my children : 
  • why are you having such a fit about____?
  • you need to be nice when you go to that Dr's apt
  • we don't use that word
  • or that word

But I think she's just as tired of us... she's trying to get Mike to take her home early and not stay to go to her Dr's appointments with her.  I think she is afraid the Dr might tell her she has to go back home with us...

On a positive note, she's very bored and keeps my dishwasher unloaded (the job I hate) and she finished a puzzle Kellie started...
and I have been very glad to see her spend some time with the girls.

And right now I must go help with 8th grade vocab words and french braid some hair...

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