Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Of course her teeth fell out

The small things that seem to keep us busy all the time.
Now, I know I don't have kids in a million sports like a lot of people I know.
I know I have one driving now. 
But still, you know kids just keep you busy. 
And laundry.  Laundry keeps my busy.

But the new thing taking up my time is the guinea pig.  Kitty.  Kitty is a sweet little thing.
This week though we discovered that her top teeth were missing. Or broken off.  Not there.  Gone.

Google says it is not unusual but not normal and we should go to the vet.  Hmm, the vet for a guinea pig?  No, we won't be doing that...

Google also said she would have to be hand fed since she can't scoop up her food with the top tooth missing.  That would explain why she hasn't been eating her food or carrots...

So Kitty and I have been spending quality time together.  She is a big fan of lettuce salad bag mix.  The food has to be in skinny little pieces.  And I seem to know just how she likes the food.  She won't eat as good for the girls.... Of course.
                       Ellie thinks it's play time every time we have Kitty out... It is pretty funny.

I can see a new tooth peeking through... I'm praying it comes in fast!


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