Wednesday, April 30, 2014

18 years later

So, 18 years ago I had the cutest little black haired baby you ever did see.  18 years?  How on earth?  It has been a great 18 years.

She got mad when I tried hold her like a baby this morning.
But overall, she's a wonderful girl!

and a lot of fun!
Cara Stegall Ridlehuber's photo.  happy birthday to this mangy little lion󾍃 I love you tons! we're
both legal 󾔗󾔗 hope your day is as awesome as you are!

And Jennifer posted great words about her:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why do I have two when he can't find one?

Well, it's Feb. and I'm still neglecting the blog. 

Mike continues the job hunt.

I am loving my part time job. 
It absolutely amazes me that as much as I love time at home I would say I love a second job.
God has been so faithful to provide at every turn for us in this unemployment adventure and I fully believe me finding this job was a little reward for having to work so much.
I am working with Intellectually Disabled individuals in group homes and foster care. 
I never ever ever dreamed I would like working in this type of nursing.
I HATED psych. nursing rotation in nursing school and when I found out that some of these people are not just "intellectually" disabled but have some pretty severe mental illness I was pretty sure I would quit not enjoy this. 
I have to tell you that I have some of the sweetest patients I've ever met.
One man looked so scary to me but after the bear hug I got when I met him I knew he was just a sweet guy who looked a little rough.
One little lady is such a joy I would go see her everyday if I could. 
I've also learned that when patients depend on the government or state for their care it is a game of how to get paid for things and the wait for things is unbelievable.
Seeing teenagers who are disabled living in a group home is heartbreaking. 
I am always thankful for my healthy children but this is a reminder once again.

I am little mad that we've had some serious cold weather but not a single snow day.  We've had snow but it's never quite enough.
I need one.  Just a day at home with all my people.

I've spent a little too much time on Pinterest lately looking at graduation party ideas.  Plan on coming, it will be cute! 

Tonight is unusual.  No work I need to do.  No where I have to go.  Kellie's not feeling good so we're sitting by the fire listening to a snoring dog.  God is good.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014, I know you are going to be great

Well, life has been life and the blog seemed to not be in it for a while.

Life has been so different this past year.
Mike still looking for a job.
Me working more than one job.
Mike has been doing all the at home jobs. 
He seems to like laundry best.
Mopping is not his strongest area.
Or dusting.
But laundry, he's got that one down.
I've had to try to not complain about anything he does (or doesn't do) and try not to complain about me working so much.  
I've done pretty good I believe.  Minus the weight I've re-gained of course.
I have learned to let go of some things.
I've valued family time even more than I did before.

I've watched God be so faithful and provide in unexpected ways.
I've seen His hand in this whole "season".
I quit the part time job and we are praying Mike gets an offer in the next week. 
I'm looking at another part time job that would be much more flexible and not with the crazy environment I was in at the last one.
We are working on things like scholarship applications and talking of graduation for the big girl.

Life continues even if it looks a little different right now.

Here's to 2014 and all the new it brings.