Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, Bakerella I'm not...

One of my favorite parts of coming home from kamp every year is visiting the blueberry farm. I get my annual stock of blueberries to go in the freezer, a Thunder muffin to eat on the way home, blueberry cobbler to eat the last night of kamp, Blueberry Amaretto syrup that is so good I can't even describe it. Today I made my favorite Pioneer Woman yogurt cream recipe to go with the fresh blueberries. It is wonderful as always. You really need to try this. Do it now. I could eat this on everything!

While we were at kamp, my friend Glenda talked about her new discovery of cake balls. We had long conversations over her love of the cake ball. I have read Bakerella for a long time and shared the cake ball beauty of this site with her. Today I finally tried to make her cake balls. They taste great but look nothing like hers!!! I wonder if I mailed some to Glenda if they would be a big melted mess when the arrived....

We made lemon dipped in white bark with candied lemon zest on top and also tried strawberry cake with chocolate icing and bark. Both are very yummy! It makes a lot! I have some to mail, think I'll take some to the neighbors, maybe some to the dentist in the morning when I go, some in the freezer... please, come have cake balls!
We also went to do a little bowling this afternoon. I have never been a good bowler and haven't even been in a couple of years.
At one point, I asked if we wanted a high or low score. Let me assure you even my girls made fun of me... that was just before my three strikes in a row! I now know that when you get three strikes in a row it's called a Turkey... learn something new all time...
he doesn't look excited that I beat him does he? Oh. Wait. It looks like we were all beating him...Dad hates to loose.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kamp, did I mention it was hot?

We are home from our fun filled 'tour' and kamp Kanakuk. And as with every summer, we had a wonderful time. Getting to visit friends and then go to kamp just makes for a wonderful trip!

We stayed a couple of nights with my oldest and best friend Deana. She has four sweet girls. It makes for a lot of girls when we come to visit! As we were sitting in her living room I noticed up above us in the railing were many horse rear ends sticking out facing us. An odd sight! This was due to the horse parade lined up for me to walk through on the way to the guest room. I felt very special.
We picked up my cousin Janet and her daughter who were in town to go to kamp with us and we all went to the "singing diner" where my kids want to go every time we visit.Maybe this is why they want to go there. They love when one of they guys sings to them.

Although it was very HOT at kamp, we did get some down time... Janet brought her lap top this year. Between laptops, cell phone chargers, coffee makers, etc. I was afraid we were going to cause an electrical fire in the nurses cabin!We also had a new mom helper with us this year. Monica was wonderful. But, she isn't from the south and I think we may have scared her a little... She said we were very funny but I think that might have just been nice for country or crazy...I love that my girls get to be with one of their cousins at kamp.Katie got the back pack for her 6 year awardCan you imagine as a kid how much fun it would have been to actually sleep in teepee's!

Every year I come home feeling so blessed! I can't tell you how much I enjoy my time with friends, kamp with my cousin Janet and sweet friend Glenda, and just having a week around such wonderful people at kamp. I love having a week with no news, no outside. This was Katie's first year in senior kamp and I loved getting to hear the talks she was hearing. The 'purity' talk was great! I took notes so we can re-visit that from time to time...I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

So, hear we are. Back in the real world with enough laundry to keep me busy for week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On our way

We left yesterday headed to see friends ( our "summer tour" as Mike calls it) and then to Kamp Kanakuk. It is what we look forward to all year! Not so much the endless driving, but the fun....

Here is one of the things we wanted to get to-Last summer he was just a baby! We missed all the baby fun. Now he's a big boy!
Today Jennifer took us to a very girly lunch place! The food was wonderful. When I grow up I would really like to own a little place just like this! Notice the fun head up on the mantle with the plants growing out of it and beside it the glass jar with old plastic cake toppers in it - love it!
Jennifer said her friends offered to come back this year with another performance of "Mobile-homa" for us! Even the girls asked on the way if her hillbilly friends would be back over while we were there... too funny!

On to Branson tomorrow for a couple of days of fun with my sweet friend there and my cousin and her family. On to Kamp on Friday for a week. I can't tell you how much I love the week at kamp every year. What a great week to re-charge! Even though I'm working it is the most relaxing week of my year!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pie, it's what's for dinner

Last night I made pie. Tomato pie. One of our favorite summer dinners... and Coconut Cream Pie. Mike says I never make dessert and if so, nothing he likes... he always eats what I make but apparently he doesn't like any of it...

how do you keep meringue from weeping? Maybe tonight we can be a little healthier.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer, let the fun begin

We took the Grandma home. She was thrilled to get home and I'm pretty sure she was almost as thrilled to send us home. She is getting around well and doing great to only be three weeks after her broken hip.
We got to spend some very fast friend and family time while in the Dallas area. It seems like most of our trips are spent in fast forward mode... we try to squeeze in every friend possible.
I got to spend an afternoon with one of my best friends. We spent 3 1/2 hours getting pedicures at the cutest little "Gypsy Cowgirl" place where they do art work on your toes. You know having to pick out what I wanted on my toes from a book was a little stressful. The woman was telling me this would last about 6 weeks... I've never had to commit to a pedicure for 6 weeks before. I now have very funky zebra striped toes. And as I predicted, I don't think I really want them for 6 weeks...
My cousin's sweet boys were in town with their church choir tour. We made sure we got to Dallas in time to see them, went and found where they were, only to find out that they had preformed an hour before the scheduled time. Of course. That's just how things are for us.
We also shopped, went to a graduation party, and visited several other friends and had a good time.
So, home again. Summer can officially begin. Right after that 7:30 orthodontist apt. in the morning. What was I thinking? (Edited to note, even the dogs didn't want to be up that early...)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my girls explaining that one of the lessons I hoped they saw me live out was putting others first. I now know that discussion was really timed for me, not them. God put that fresh on my mind just days before my mother in law got here.

She is doing well, making great progress, and is so stubborn that she has decided she is going home this week...guess that stubbornness is what has her doing so well. She is determined.
She says she just wants to be at home.
I personally think it's living with us that has her wanting to go home. Who could blame her. Dogs, kids, kids friends over all the time, sports on t.v. constantly instead of the Lifetime movies she is accustomed to... As a matter of fact, maybe I want to go too.

You know Katie just turned 13 a month ago. Suddenly she is living the teen life I remember. There is always at least one friend with her if not a group. I believe her best friend may have actually moved in and they just haven't told her family yet. We also have male friends within walking distance from our house that seem to wander over. Do you know how much boys eat? I didn't really know that feeding the teens may cost the same as a vacation.
But. At least they are at my house and are good kids.
I sort of miss Katie. We never see her alone anymore. And I know this is just the beginning.

We are leaving to go to Kamp Kanauk in two weeks. I've never been more ready for Kamp. Not only for the relaxing week but because Katie is at an age where I am so glad she'll be immersed in Christian culture for a week. Without her cell phone. Without t.v. and outside life. It will be great for all of us. I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks away with my girls.