Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my girls explaining that one of the lessons I hoped they saw me live out was putting others first. I now know that discussion was really timed for me, not them. God put that fresh on my mind just days before my mother in law got here.

She is doing well, making great progress, and is so stubborn that she has decided she is going home this week...guess that stubbornness is what has her doing so well. She is determined.
She says she just wants to be at home.
I personally think it's living with us that has her wanting to go home. Who could blame her. Dogs, kids, kids friends over all the time, sports on t.v. constantly instead of the Lifetime movies she is accustomed to... As a matter of fact, maybe I want to go too.

You know Katie just turned 13 a month ago. Suddenly she is living the teen life I remember. There is always at least one friend with her if not a group. I believe her best friend may have actually moved in and they just haven't told her family yet. We also have male friends within walking distance from our house that seem to wander over. Do you know how much boys eat? I didn't really know that feeding the teens may cost the same as a vacation.
But. At least they are at my house and are good kids.
I sort of miss Katie. We never see her alone anymore. And I know this is just the beginning.

We are leaving to go to Kamp Kanauk in two weeks. I've never been more ready for Kamp. Not only for the relaxing week but because Katie is at an age where I am so glad she'll be immersed in Christian culture for a week. Without her cell phone. Without t.v. and outside life. It will be great for all of us. I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks away with my girls.

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Jennifer said...

I enjoyed your thoughts and observations about Katie. I've been watching my sister (who will be 15 this August) and wonder how much I was or wasn't like her at the age she is at now. There is something in the teenage years that begins to change drastically and there is just no stopping it.

I hope your summer with your girls is full of rich memories and moments - especially at Kamp together. They are BLESSED to have a momma like you to spend it with.