Friday, May 29, 2009

Ahh, Summer...

The last day school is over. I now have a 5th grader and 8th grader... I just can't believe it!
Of course, the 8th grader has been been acting like a moody teen lately so I'm actually not that amazed I guess.
And, oh does God have a sense of humor... we get out of school today and mother in law gets released from rehab tomorrow to come to our house. Again, pray for my patience...really. I mean it. Do it now.


Jennifer said...

Nobody likes a bragger.
Some of us still have a whole week of school left.

And it ain't gonna be pretty.

Jennifer said...

Wow, so you all have a summer now. I think childhood is cruel like that though. YOu get three months off during the school year, plus Christmas break and spring break - then you enter into the work force after all that schooling and summer is suddenly just a season. And a very hot one at that. *sigh*

Enjoy your time with your girls...and mother-in-law. Hang in there girl!