Monday, May 11, 2009

Sounds like a bonus question to me...

Let me take a moment to tell you of my love for Target. I asked for clothes for Mother's day. So Mike told me to go shopping... you know how when you finally go shopping you can't find much... that's what happened. Everywhere except for Target. Target is faithful to provide, at least in the tee shirt, skirt and shorts dept.

I was easily talked out of skipping church Sunday... even years after loosing my mother, I still don't really enjoy church on Mother's Day...I know I'm a mom, but in my heart Mother's day is about my mother... I remember one Mother's day, going with my mom to the cemetery where her mother was buried and her just weeping at her grave. It was the only time I remember seeing her cry and I remember it being I understand.
Sunday morning I was quickly reminded that it was about me by my kids...
My youngest is so sweet... I woke up to her asking Mike to get up and make me breakfast...I couldn't get my eyes open before she was showing me what she had made for me. She made me a lovely picture titled "Cara's Castle" out of markers and some of my scrapbook goodies.
My favorite thing was a bunch of coupons she made. I got coupons for everything you can think of and in case I needed something not on the coupons, one said it was good for anything...also, the instructions say I can use them five times a week. She doesn't realize that she'd be awfully busy if I redeemed all of these!
Katie wrote an essay about me in English and that was my gift from her. It was very sweet and interesting to see what she thinks of when writing about me. Surprisingly, it was all good!
We went to lunch and then to see "Earth" at the movies.
It was a relaxed family day. I managed to not do anything very productive. It was just what I wanted for my day!

We're watching our latest favorite t.v. show, The Big Bang Theory... discussing the nerds on this show has led to Mike telling me a very long story about how he quit the Boy scouts when he was young because his group was a bunch of nerds.... think I'll have to remind him of the mismatched shoes last weekend...he hasn't noticed that I'm not really paying attention... Hope there isn't some important lesson to this story that I have missed.

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Jen r. said...

HI. I used Timid White an benjamin moore color. I then used tea stain glaze from ralph lauren. I hope this helps! Jen