Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's pray for my patience

What a weekend! It started out well. A quiet Friday night, a margarita with a friend and then it was crazy from there.

Mike's mom flew in Sat. for the girl's dance recital on Sunday. Sat. night we went out for dinner and as we were walking to the car she fell-I knew what was wrong when we tried to help her up...

We went to E.R. to confirm that her hip was broken. The rest of the weekend was a blur of hours at the hospital, phone calls, surgery and still trying to get girls to the recital.

Mother in law wouldn't agree, but she has done WAY better than I expected. Given that she isn't in the greatest of health, I am just shocked at how well she is doing! They had her up today, less than 24 hours after surgery, taking a few steps. Looks like tomorrow or Wed. she will going to rehab. for a couple of weeks. Her quick trip to see us has defiantly not turned out the way she planned.

The recital was great. The girls both danced so well.

Grandma had already bought them roses so they still had flowers from her.

This week is full of more hospital hours, phone calls, school choir rehearsals and performances, usual school work, shopping for Pat some things she needs, getting her in rehab... and one night this week I am going to have to work in some laundry!

But I am grateful. Grateful that it happened here where we can take care of her, grateful that she survived it and it doing well. Grateful that Jennifer was already planning on coming this weekend and can bring some of her things she needs. Just grateful she she is coming!
Not only am I praying for Pat's recovery, I'm really praying for my patience and attitude as I help her in the coming weeks and with her sister's...I love those Aunt's but one of them enjoys a little drama!

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