Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014, I know you are going to be great

Well, life has been life and the blog seemed to not be in it for a while.

Life has been so different this past year.
Mike still looking for a job.
Me working more than one job.
Mike has been doing all the at home jobs. 
He seems to like laundry best.
Mopping is not his strongest area.
Or dusting.
But laundry, he's got that one down.
I've had to try to not complain about anything he does (or doesn't do) and try not to complain about me working so much.  
I've done pretty good I believe.  Minus the weight I've re-gained of course.
I have learned to let go of some things.
I've valued family time even more than I did before.

I've watched God be so faithful and provide in unexpected ways.
I've seen His hand in this whole "season".
I quit the part time job and we are praying Mike gets an offer in the next week. 
I'm looking at another part time job that would be much more flexible and not with the crazy environment I was in at the last one.
We are working on things like scholarship applications and talking of graduation for the big girl.

Life continues even if it looks a little different right now.

Here's to 2014 and all the new it brings.