Monday, August 26, 2013


I was the first one gone this morning. 
I got to school early and was ready for all the craziness of the first morning at my school. 
That was a first.
But I missed dropping a kid off a school.
Because now they go the same High School. 
Just one year of togetherness. 
One year of Katie driving her to school (and some friends that tagged along). 
I texted Katie to see if she had seen Kellie during the day.  The answer, "yea, I had lunch with her".  It made me tear up. 
A year of them in the same school for some reason makes my heart happy. 
They fuss about the "first day of schoool" picture every year but I made them promise to let dad take one.  I can't believe they even smiled.
When I asked Kellie if she was excited or scared she said "NO... it's just another day of school" and when I asked Katie if she was excited it's her senior year she said "NO...I'm just ready for it to be over..."
Well, I was scared and excited for them.  And as I could have predicted, Kellie had "just another day at school".  She is so easy going it was just no big deal to her.  And Katie called me as soon as she got out to talk a little more about where she wants to go to college.   She is really ready for it to be over.

A first day of high school and a first day of the last year of high school.
 I think I'm really not that crazy about either of those.
It's going too fast.
That thought or sentence is really NOT a first...
But it sure is fun.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A month later...

The summer has sped by slowly this year.
I have enjoyed all the days we had at home doing nothing.
Family time has been the highlight of my summer. 
Mike is still without a job.  And just when I got a little panicky about money God handed me a little part time job where I am getting to do the type of nursing care that I haven't done in years and I am really enjoying it. 
But summer is coming to an end and school starts for me next week. 
Here is a quick summery of the last few weeks....
Right before starting the new job I got to get away with good friends.  It was exactly what I needed.
Is there anything better than girlfriend time in the mountains?
We spent a lot of time out on the deck enjoying the cool weather.
There were rain storms that sounded beautiful on the metal roof.
We worked on our Project life books
and I fed the deer everything I could find.
I am so thankful for a wonderful friend with a beautiful house she was kind
enough to share.
I came home and started the new job that came with a friend
he loves to come inside and take a nap in the cool air
I took Katie to have her Sr. cap and gown pictures made
I didn't even cry.
The last week has been such a blur because I worked so much .
I was enjoying a night off and cooking dinner when
I made a little slip with my new chefs knife.
It is as sharp as they advertised
luckily I just missed some important things in there
and a few stitches later...
I think I'll be using the  dishwasher for that knife from now on....
Tomorrow my baby will be 14.  14.  That isn't even any sort of a little kid anymore and I really don't like that.  Not one bit.
She is however, a really great teenager (so far)!
We went to dinner tonight so tomorrow she can spend the evening with the important people.  Her friends. 

I may hate she is not my baby anymore but I sure do love the girl she has turned into. 
That is, when she'll hang out with me!
Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!!! 
 I love love love you.