Friday, September 27, 2013

I've got nothing

So, a month later I've found my way back to blog...
There have been a few things keeping from it.
The main one is I never get to use my laptop.  Both girls use it for school so much that I never get a turn.  It's time for more than one computer in the house I believe.
Not that I've had pressing things I need to discuss.
Nope.  Nothing.

Mike is busy reffing football while stilllll looking for job.
The girls are busy with the usual school, work, friends, etc.
I'm still working an extra job.
And we are enjoying some fall weather off and on.  60's a few days last week, 90's again this week.  But, it's coming, I know it is.
I have the fall decorations out.
High school football
 I made homemade pumpkin creamer.
I pulled out some crocheting (which my kids say makes me a granny untill they want something)

That means it has to be coming right?