Saturday, March 23, 2013

Boys eat A LOT

Our church is having it's annual D Now weekend and we were the host home for the 9th grade boys.
How on earth did that happen?
Our house couldn't be more girly!
But.  They are here and they seem to be having a good time and doing ok.
Bible Men
and Bible Dog

I am loving that they like to eat.

 I've never seen people that excited about breakfast.

I wish a had an after picture.

They have been here just under 24 hours adn here's the rundown:

7 boys
1 college leader
24 eggs
2 lb bacon
20 tortillas
24 rolls made in to monkey bread
1 gallon of milk
6 2L soda's
3 bags of chips
3 packages of cookies plus a batch I made them
1 bag of candy
maybe 6 showers?
maybe 6 hours of sleep
and we still have one night to go...

But in the end, I couldn't be happier to have this group and be involved.  They are out right now praying over my neighborhood.  God is good.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dinner and a show

Last week was Spring Break.  My cousin Gina flew in from Mississippi and met me in Dallas.

We had the best time!
We slept in, laid in bed drinking coffee and watching the news, and laughing and talking the whole time.
Jennifer did all the fun stuff with us and my sister even spent more time with us than I would have predicted.

We started the week with a little time shopping and lunch in a wonderful little bakery...
We went out to dinner and when we walked out of the restaurant there were police men trying to arrest a girl and get her in the car. 
She was very concerned about her pink fur purse and apparently "hadn't done anything".  I know that because she yelled it the whole time.  It was quite the show!
We all went to "You can Paint" and spent the evening having fun
Katie flew alone for the first time and joined me in Dallas
We spent a little time at the Arboretum

you can't take those two anywhere...
though the did spend some quality time together taking something to Kellie ( she was on a mission trip not far from us)
I went to see her for a few minutes while they were at the mall and ice skating.  She wasn't interested in me...
I ran into one of my sweet friends when we were out shopping one day.  What a nice surprise!
We went to the Farmers Market.  Katie was really really excited about that!

We stood in line for some wonderful BBQ.  It was a great time!

I didn't get to go visit any of my local friends but think we may be going back soon.  We put Gina on a plane and drove home.  It was good to spend cousin, sister, niece time.

I'm glad for all of us to be back in one place! 



Monday, March 4, 2013

Rabbits run fast but I don't think they swim

We're all back to normal after the blizzard.  I need another one actually. 
Only four more days till Spring Break starts...
I'm busy getting us all ready to go in different directions for Spring Break.

To welcome March I borrowed a bunny from a friend and scheduled some Easter pictures.
Both teens and their friends also wanted to go for pictures.  One friends' mom tagged along to play with her camera and take a few pictures with her daughter and then there were four sessions with babies....

There is no shade in this town right now for good pictures.  This is the field I love in the summer and fall but with no leaves on the trees, not so much.

She would not approve of me posting this picture but I loved it! 

The bunny only made a run for it twice.  I may or may not have shrieked a bad word while taking pictures of our youth minister's kids when the bunny sprinted towards the water.  We did find out that the bunny wasn't interested in swimming though.  It was a pain to get through the weeds but the bunny stopped at the water's edge (thank goodness).
Do you know what happens when you take pictures of four babies in one short period of time?  You squat down about a million times and wonder the next day what is wrong with your legs.
But it sure was fun
Happy March