Monday, March 4, 2013

Rabbits run fast but I don't think they swim

We're all back to normal after the blizzard.  I need another one actually. 
Only four more days till Spring Break starts...
I'm busy getting us all ready to go in different directions for Spring Break.

To welcome March I borrowed a bunny from a friend and scheduled some Easter pictures.
Both teens and their friends also wanted to go for pictures.  One friends' mom tagged along to play with her camera and take a few pictures with her daughter and then there were four sessions with babies....

There is no shade in this town right now for good pictures.  This is the field I love in the summer and fall but with no leaves on the trees, not so much.

She would not approve of me posting this picture but I loved it! 

The bunny only made a run for it twice.  I may or may not have shrieked a bad word while taking pictures of our youth minister's kids when the bunny sprinted towards the water.  We did find out that the bunny wasn't interested in swimming though.  It was a pain to get through the weeds but the bunny stopped at the water's edge (thank goodness).
Do you know what happens when you take pictures of four babies in one short period of time?  You squat down about a million times and wonder the next day what is wrong with your legs.
But it sure was fun
Happy March

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