Monday, February 25, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Well, we sure got the snow I wanted.  I think it's the first "blizzard" we've seen in Lubbock.
Yesterday when it was a gorgeous 70 degree spring like day we were already under the blizzard warning. 
When I looked outside during the night I was pretty sure it would be a snow day.  Of course I woke up at 5 as usual to check and then was wide awake...
lying in bed drinking coffee and watching the news was a wonderful morning!!!
I used to just like a snow day because I like snow and staying home.  A snow day now is even better now.  It means we are all at home.  That doesn't happen very often these days. 
There has been some fighting over spots on the couch but that's not a big surprise.  Elvis takes up a spot and then the girls are left to fight over who is taking up to much space...

Kellie ventured out for a few minutes.  The snow is so powdery that it won't stick together to play with. 
                            the wind chill is below zero so I only enjoyed it from the door

                                          We adopted a new friend this week... meet Koala
We thought Kitty needed company and a friend had a guinea pig she wanted to re home.
She is like a stuffed animal.  She doesn't move when you hold her.  Not a muscle.  She sits where ever you put her and does.not.move!
The girls got out American Girl furniture for them.  This is about the time Mike told us we should have gone to school...
The only downside to the snow day is that I have a Mon. night Bible study that I love.  And I had made a cake to take tonight.  A yellow cake with lemon curd filling and sour cream icing.
That is in the fridge calling my name. 

                                                         and I have jars of Lemon Curd for the girls.
It was so easy and it tastes so good I think I'll be making this again.  I'm having a hard time giving away the cute little jars but I will... I hope I can find more of them.

Off to do more laundry, drink hot chocolate, try not to eat the cake and enjoy the snow day



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