Thursday, August 8, 2013

A month later...

The summer has sped by slowly this year.
I have enjoyed all the days we had at home doing nothing.
Family time has been the highlight of my summer. 
Mike is still without a job.  And just when I got a little panicky about money God handed me a little part time job where I am getting to do the type of nursing care that I haven't done in years and I am really enjoying it. 
But summer is coming to an end and school starts for me next week. 
Here is a quick summery of the last few weeks....
Right before starting the new job I got to get away with good friends.  It was exactly what I needed.
Is there anything better than girlfriend time in the mountains?
We spent a lot of time out on the deck enjoying the cool weather.
There were rain storms that sounded beautiful on the metal roof.
We worked on our Project life books
and I fed the deer everything I could find.
I am so thankful for a wonderful friend with a beautiful house she was kind
enough to share.
I came home and started the new job that came with a friend
he loves to come inside and take a nap in the cool air
I took Katie to have her Sr. cap and gown pictures made
I didn't even cry.
The last week has been such a blur because I worked so much .
I was enjoying a night off and cooking dinner when
I made a little slip with my new chefs knife.
It is as sharp as they advertised
luckily I just missed some important things in there
and a few stitches later...
I think I'll be using the  dishwasher for that knife from now on....
Tomorrow my baby will be 14.  14.  That isn't even any sort of a little kid anymore and I really don't like that.  Not one bit.
She is however, a really great teenager (so far)!
We went to dinner tonight so tomorrow she can spend the evening with the important people.  Her friends. 

I may hate she is not my baby anymore but I sure do love the girl she has turned into. 
That is, when she'll hang out with me!
Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!!! 
 I love love love you.

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