Saturday, May 2, 2009

The longest weekend and an apology to the neighbor

We had Katie's birthday party this weekend. We took 8, 13 year old kids to dinner... Katie picked the restaurant based on the playground outside... go figure. Who knew the 13 year olds would want to spend the evening playing outside. When we left dinner they wanted to con't the fun at a park.

After the 2 boys left, I took the girls "chalking". We visited several friend's houses where they wrote notes on the driveway in sidewalk chalk. They left sweet messages - it was pretty fun and I was crowned "the cool mom" for taking them. They are a great group of kids.... Sat. was spent running to dance events and today we had to go shop with all the gift cards that she got for her birthday.
I feel like this weekend has been 10 days long! And not in the good way, but in the -will it ever end, I'm more tired than when the weekend started, sort of way.
I'm thankful there is no swine flu here but I'm a little jealous of all my Flower Mound friends having this week off from school. I could use a week of unscheduled time!
I finally figured out some digital scrapbooking... It isn't as cute as the real deal but maybe I can keep up a scrapbook this way since I wasn't succeeding otherwise...

On another note - Mike came home today and changed out of jeans and tennis shoes into shorts but failed to remove his white socks. Later I see him taking trash out and standing in the ally talking to a neighbor.
As I am thinking how I wish he had taken off his socks before he put on his crocs, I realize that he has two different shoes black croc and one black sandal type shoe... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
As the big girl said: "mom, they are going to think we're losers because of Dad"....

So, to the neighbors -Sorry, we aren't losers!
the girls wanted to make sure you knew... Mike just has issues with finding two shoes that match. He's been scolded. We hope to not have that fashion faux pas again.


Jennifer said...

at least it wasn't the red santa outfit that was thankfully thrown away years ago!

Michelle said...

HAHA! This made me crack up out loud! Tell him he looked like a crazed grandpaw--that'll get him!
Hope Katie had a great birthday!