Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kamp, did I mention it was hot?

We are home from our fun filled 'tour' and kamp Kanakuk. And as with every summer, we had a wonderful time. Getting to visit friends and then go to kamp just makes for a wonderful trip!

We stayed a couple of nights with my oldest and best friend Deana. She has four sweet girls. It makes for a lot of girls when we come to visit! As we were sitting in her living room I noticed up above us in the railing were many horse rear ends sticking out facing us. An odd sight! This was due to the horse parade lined up for me to walk through on the way to the guest room. I felt very special.
We picked up my cousin Janet and her daughter who were in town to go to kamp with us and we all went to the "singing diner" where my kids want to go every time we visit.Maybe this is why they want to go there. They love when one of they guys sings to them.

Although it was very HOT at kamp, we did get some down time... Janet brought her lap top this year. Between laptops, cell phone chargers, coffee makers, etc. I was afraid we were going to cause an electrical fire in the nurses cabin!We also had a new mom helper with us this year. Monica was wonderful. But, she isn't from the south and I think we may have scared her a little... She said we were very funny but I think that might have just been nice for country or crazy...I love that my girls get to be with one of their cousins at kamp.Katie got the back pack for her 6 year awardCan you imagine as a kid how much fun it would have been to actually sleep in teepee's!

Every year I come home feeling so blessed! I can't tell you how much I enjoy my time with friends, kamp with my cousin Janet and sweet friend Glenda, and just having a week around such wonderful people at kamp. I love having a week with no news, no outside. This was Katie's first year in senior kamp and I loved getting to hear the talks she was hearing. The 'purity' talk was great! I took notes so we can re-visit that from time to time...I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

So, hear we are. Back in the real world with enough laundry to keep me busy for week!

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Michelle said...

Yay! I'm glad y'all are back all safe and sound. Great to get a nice visit with family and to enjoy some away time!