Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer, let the fun begin

We took the Grandma home. She was thrilled to get home and I'm pretty sure she was almost as thrilled to send us home. She is getting around well and doing great to only be three weeks after her broken hip.
We got to spend some very fast friend and family time while in the Dallas area. It seems like most of our trips are spent in fast forward mode... we try to squeeze in every friend possible.
I got to spend an afternoon with one of my best friends. We spent 3 1/2 hours getting pedicures at the cutest little "Gypsy Cowgirl" place where they do art work on your toes. You know having to pick out what I wanted on my toes from a book was a little stressful. The woman was telling me this would last about 6 weeks... I've never had to commit to a pedicure for 6 weeks before. I now have very funky zebra striped toes. And as I predicted, I don't think I really want them for 6 weeks...
My cousin's sweet boys were in town with their church choir tour. We made sure we got to Dallas in time to see them, went and found where they were, only to find out that they had preformed an hour before the scheduled time. Of course. That's just how things are for us.
We also shopped, went to a graduation party, and visited several other friends and had a good time.
So, home again. Summer can officially begin. Right after that 7:30 orthodontist apt. in the morning. What was I thinking? (Edited to note, even the dogs didn't want to be up that early...)

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Jennifer said...

OKay. You SO need to post a picture of those zebra toes for real. (o: