Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where is my prarie?

I was given several pink pumpkins. 
I was excited about putting them on the porch until....
 Someone told me they are really good for cooking.

I have a new pressure cooker that was just waiting on some pumpkin.

It was a lot of work but I have some really good pumpkin in the freezer now...
 Look sideways at my new new pressure cooker because that is the only way these pictures would load...
It made a great pie

My sweet friend Madelyn taught me all about the "jelly roll" quilt and gave me a jelly roll to try.
I made my first quilt top this past weekend...I love the Christmas prints.
Ellie the dog who thinks she is a cat loved the long long quilt pieces
And last night I worked on a bucket list
I'm going to frame it as a check list for the holiday season
I felt like I needed a craft / activity that didn't make me feel like a grandmother living on a prarie somewhere...

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