Saturday, November 3, 2012

The pink pumpkin update

Well, after a busy, crazy, no good, very bad week at work I was so excited for the weekend.
Today was one of those magical days were we didn't have anything we had to do on the calendar.

There has been a lot of laundry and football as the usual weekend but somewhere in there I forgot how much work cooking those first two pumpkins were because I decided I would cook the others I had. 

Now I remember that it takes a long time. 

Way to long.  It will be nice to have pumpkin in the freezer but I'm not thinking I will forget this time...
Or at least if I ever mention cooking pumpkin, could you remind me that I shouldn't do it.  Please.

The up side to the day of pumpkin was the pumpkin frapachinno I made myself
Then I made Pumpkin Flan.  Everything is cleaned up and I just ate a flan before dinner even.  A good day after all.

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