Sunday, November 11, 2012

A big birthday

Mike turned 50 today.  It doesn't seem to bother him.  I, on the other hand have a really hard time knowing I'm married to a 50 year old.
He has been anxiously awaiting his AARP card to come in mail thinking he might get half off at the movies and such...I told him I didn't think that was the case but we'll let him hope...

Friday night at about 10 I hear a lot of barking and talking going on in the kitchen.  Jennifer has walked in with her dog and surprised us for Mike's birthday!!!
We were all very excited!  The dog cousins were really excited!

Saturday was of course much more fun with Jennifer joining us for the couple of things we had to do.
We started the day out with Kellie doing a little volunteer work and me cheering on kids from my school.  We put Jennifer to work as the photographer!
we did a little birthday shopping for Mike, a little hanging out and then went to visit Katie at work for a burger for dinner.
She made a lovely face when she saw us!  She also told me we aren't allowed to come back when she's working since we were watching the A&M and Alabama game while eating and her dad might have yelled a couple of times...

We woke up the birthday boy this morning and reminded him he is really really old.

Jennifer got to go see Katie sing in the praise band
We all took a little Sunday drive
and stopped for a little ice cream.  Puppy cones were the hit of the day!

Kellie made Mike a birthday cake.  She had just pulled her last baby tooth...a sad day for the tooth fairy.

And the favorite part of his day, having his favorite dog sit in the chair and watch football with him all day!
I'm proud of Mike, he has been working hard at dieting and loosing weight and had a goal he wanted to meet by his birthday and met it!  He has lost 75 since January.
I'm very proud of him.
Happy 50th Mike, we love you!


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