Thursday, November 8, 2012

Worship yes, camping no

Last night we had a youth worship service at church.
We had a great local Christian band...

David's Plea, check them out...
We had a great speaker.  He's a local school counselor who I knew was a great guy but didn't know he could preach!  He had a great talk for those kids.  Really relevant.  And above all, he was really 'real' with those kids. 
Watching those kids listen and take in all the truth he was telling them was such a blessing. 

Here are words I thought I would never say, but I love working with those teenagers.  I love that my girls don't mind me being involved.  I love that the other girls call my two out if they give me grief!
I love that the girls tried to talk me into going on the camping trip. 
One of the staff told me I should go as the nurse because there might be rattle snakes. 
I love more that it was canceled!  Like I would be any help if there was snake bite!

It's a wonderful thing to see my girls worship but it's also exciting to see them wanting to share their faith and their church with friends. 
I'm a lucky mom. 

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