Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glad it's almost the weekend!

So, not much has gone on this week...normal days, a choir concert, driving to dance again and again, and a weird week at work... I have heard some of the strangest things this week in my office at school... I'm ready for Friday!
Jennifer is coming tomorrow for the weekend.
Sat. night we have a little party going on for a few friends of the kid's... they want us to try to do something to scare them at the party, I just want it to look cute... we have completely different idea's of how this party should go!


Anonymous said...

SO...God works in the most wonderful ways. When you suggested the party and that we should come, I loved the idea but some reason it just didn't click. I thought of excuses but still it didn't mesh in my heart. I told myself maybe I should cancel my plans and take off with J. I wanted to spend time with you again. It was relaxing and fun times. Still that didn't make me feel better. Here is God grandma died on Wed morning. I flew home on Tues night and the funeral is Sat. See he knew I wouldn't ever make it there. Give my love to the girls. A

Jennifer said...

Everytime I see you write about how "Jennifer" comes to town, I think, "I am?! Whoo-hoo!" I'm so gonna have to be the other Jennifer that comes out to visit. (o: