Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Meme

I was reading a blog I enjoy of a friend and loved reading the details of this, decided I wanted to play along.

How many times a week do you cook and eat out?
More than we should. We were very much in the habit of eating out several nights a week while we were moving and getting settled and that was a hard habit to break. The last couple of weeks I have cooked more and we are getting back on track.

What is your family's favorite dinner?
Everyone of us would say something different. So, if I think of something I fix we all like it would be when we grill hamburgers. If we eat out I would say anything Mexican, including the Mexican fries and burger the big girl will order!

Do you have a fast and easy recipe that you use frequently?
Swiss Steak is the family favorite the last few weeks.
2 lb lean round steak
1 pkg onion soup mix
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can beef consomme
1 onion sliced very thin
put all in a large skillet, cover, stir frequently... cook over med to med. low for an hour or two, the longer the more tender the meat. Serve with mashed potatoes.

Also, I have found a very easy but not very healthy crock pot enchilada recipe that works in a pinch!

What kind of snack and drinks do you keep on hand for the girls?
Fruit, 100 calorie snack packs, pop corn...lots of pop corn and I am finding the older they get the more they eat!

How do you break up the house work? When do you get it done?
I have to dust much more often here than I ever did, so I've started trying to wipe off counters, bar, coffee table and t.v. everyday when we get home in the afternoon before starting dinner. I try to do most of the cleaning one day during the week if I'm off or on Sat. a.m.
Also, I've subscribed to Home Sanctuary and love getting the daily email with a "little thing" to do. It really gets me to do a small thing everyday that needs to be done!

Do you have any tips for getting it done faster/easier?
I've started keeping cleaning wipes and supplies in the bathrooms and lightly cleaning more often. Also love the new scrubbing bubbles action scrubber...keep in the shower and I am much better about cleaning the glass shower!

Do you guys have a bedtime routine for girls?
Baths or showers and doing some reading together. It is getting harder to be consistent every night with laying with them, reading but still trying to do it as often as possible. They also have devotional books they got at Kamp Kanakuk last summer that we try to do together each night. They get an award this summer if they complete their book so the little girl is very motivated by this.

What is a typical day like for you all?
Up at 6ish, kids up by 6:45, leave for school by 7:20, get everyone delivered and I either go sub. or come back home to do laundry, etc. Pick girls up at 3:15, home, snacks, homework, dinner, showers, games and or t.v., girls in bed... quiet time for email, etc.

What kind of staples do you keep stocked in your kitchen?
The usual cooking basics and a few cereals, mac n cheese, soups, bread for toast when its a breakfast for dinner night.

How often do you go to the grocery store?
try to keep it to once a week

Do you have a special day for running errands or is it just when you need to? Just when I need to.

Do you and hubby share any of the household responsibilities?
he does anything outside like garage, trash, back yard stuff except for planting flowers and I do most of the inside... he is good about emptying dishwasher or if I ask him to do something specific but while I'm not working all the time I do most of it.
What's your best organization tip?
Keeping extra of what I tend to run out of the fastest and keeping all mail and stuff we drop as we walk in in one specific area.

What is your favorite cleaner(s)?
Target's environmentally friendly line. Love the daily shower spray, the counter cleaners and the glass cleaner.

How far in advance do you start planning birthday parties and events?
I love to have an event to plan so usually pretty far in advance. As for the girls birthdays, they aren't allowed to talk about their birthday till after the other one's is over so they get several months to plan their party ad nauseam.

Where do you find inspiration for all the fabulous things you do?
other people, I can get inspiration from others or pictures and copy well.

How do you keep track of all of your events/to do? see my blog on my calender I made. I use my calender daily and wanted it to be something that I enjoyed. It really does make me happy when I look at it.

Consider yourself "tagged" if you are reading this! Let me know if you do it too so I can come check other moms! ; )

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