Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grumpy Tuesday

1. Jennifer went back home. We miss her and it feels more like my family is complete when she is here.
2. Dirt. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. Have I mentioned that there is more dirt flying around here than is imaginable. People warned me. I thought it wouldn't be to bad. But now I know Lubbock is not for sissies.
3. The pick up/drop off lanes at school. I am amazed that people don't pull up in line but rather stop in front of the door and block the whole lane. The kids are tired of hearing me talk about this everyday. I'm afraid one day I am going to get out and loudly explain the whole idea of a line to everyone in it!!!
4. My little girl has been very difficult today. This is not her usual nature and it makes me sad. Also, when she is being difficult she just ignores you. I'm used to Katie wanting to cry and fuss. I think that's easier than Kellie ignoring me and pouting.
5. Can't find a yard guy yet....
6. It was 30 degrees last week and 90 this week. I just am never happy when I realize the hot weather is upon us.
Amazing the difference a day makes. Yesterday Jennifer was here and we played and I loved my life. Today, the dirt made me grumpy!

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