Friday, August 22, 2008

School starts Mon., ready or not

Today the Home Sanctuary post was written just for me I think. I didn't realize it but I really needed someone to send me an email to remind me to take a deep breath. To remind me that "He has guided you, picked you up when you've fallen and sent you angels in disguise when you've needed them." I needed to hear: Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

I read this at the end of a long week, a long day at the school, a day of feeling very much like the new person at my job, and a day of having several stresses constantly on my mind. It was amazing, I read this and felt a weight lift. I said no to an invitation we had for tonight and decided we needed a family night. I took her advice and took 10+ min. out and relaxed and spent it focusing on God. What a difference a few minutes can make in your attitude.
Just last night I discussed really letting God handle our worries with the little girl, funny how quickly I forgot it today.
The little girl is very nervous about 4th grade. Usually she is so easy going but since open house she has been so worried about not having friends and riding the bus. She will rarely have to ride the bus to school but ride home almost every day, but she is only worried about riding it to school. I'm not sure why the ride to school would be more stressful but for whatever reason it makes her cry to think about it. I have tried to talk her into transferring to my school so there would be no bus riding but she doesn't want to change schools again and I can't blame her...other than her worrying I think we are almost ready...58 trips to Walmart and various stores later I think the girls are set...we have every possible school supply, the new outfits are picked out, no one is riding the bus the first day and everyone has a lunch request to be packed...
I think I've done the most I can do to be prepared for a new year at a new school. The new office is decorated and organized. Guess Mon. will tell....

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Rachel Anne said...

Aw, now I went and got all choked up. What a nice post and a great reminder to take the deep breath. I thought of that verse so many times over the weekend...and felt so much calmer!

I love your office! The quote on the wall is priceless. Where did you get it?