Saturday, August 9, 2008

My baby is 9, how did that happen

My sweet baby girl turned 9 years old today. In my mind she is still 3! But no, she's now 9, almost 10 she told me... (and thinks she is 18)
I woke up this morning thinking of what a wonderful day it was 9 years ago...
before she insisted on doing her own hair, picking our her own clothes, etc...
This girl is the funny, outgoing, never meet a stranger kind of girl.

She requested a tiara to wear today. She chose one friend to spend the day with her and she planned our day:
We had pizza for lunch.
We had pedicures.
We went to Art Avenue to paint fun things

And we ended our evening with dinner with family and friends.

I think she enjoyed her day. I love you sweet girl, you make me smile every day!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like she had a great birthday. Pizza, pedicures & painting - dude, I want to celebrate my next b-day like that. (o: