Friday, August 29, 2008

On to the long weekend

This first week of work/school flew by. We have really struggled with the getting up early part of the week. I just can't get in the habit of going to bed earlier.
I'm proud to say the little girl has 4 friends after the week and isn't worried anymore... the big girl still has the boyfriend though we don't hear much about him... and I got SO MUCH done this week as far as paperwork, etc in my office. It went very smoothly except for the one running full speed, head on collision of two students and the injuries that resulted...
And now we get a three day weekend! Jennifer my sweet niece and our friend Allison are coming tomorrow! I have good food and some girl fun planned. Sunday we're going to brave the crowd at the lake for some boating fun. Tomorrow morning I'm having breakfast with another teacher from Flower Mound who will be in town.... I just can't believe how many people come to Lubbock, never dreamed it...Glad they are all coming though!

On a different note, pray for my cousins and family in Miss. as they wait on hurricane Gustav. Apparently everyone is preparing, she had to beat out a another woman for the last two loaves of bread at the Walmart!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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