Thursday, May 30, 2013


Mike left Monday afternoon to fly to Phoenix for a job interview.  I dropped him off at the airport at 3:45 and I think it was 9:30 ish before he got to Dallas and had to fly on to Phoenix the next morning.
He headed home yesterday and once again flights were canceled and delayed due to weather in Dallas and he texted me about 1 this morning that he was finally in Dallas at the hotel and had the same room he left that morning.  A quick trip has turned into a couple of days spent in airports.

School is winding down and I still can't believe it's the last week.  I'm not sure where the spring went.

Speaking of where the time goes, I called and scheduled Katie's senior picture yesterday.  I'm sure this is the first of a busy year with her.  Kellie will join her at the high school next year.  And I can't believe either are this old!

Last night the youth had their third "Mayhem" event at church. 

I got a text asking me if I would mind being there in case someone "broke a leg or something".  Ummm, sure.

A slip in slide covered in baby oil and water and not a single injury, amazing.
my girls and their group sat safely on the sidelines
photobomb success



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Mary Bergfeld said...

I hope the interview went well. Your girls are really growing. They sound like terrific young women. I hope you are having a great week. Blessings...Mary