Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer love

School is out and summer has started.
The first week has been nice since we are all home for a change.
 I'm ready for Mike to have a new job but it's a treat to get to spend some family time together.

Kellie used her saved money for a "white trash pool" as Katie calls it.
Ellie thought it was a big play area when we were putting it together.
Elvis has adopted this raft as his own
Kellie spends hours in the pool.
 and she likes me to be out there all the time with her
If I'm not this is what I get
Mike took the top of our old entertainment center and re purposed it
He built a top for it and made a bar
This is the final outcome. 
He did a good job. 
He's been watching "Bar Rescue" and decided he needs to own a bar.  
I told him this is as close as he will come, enjoy.
I am loving the patio now. 
Till the next dust storm when the cleaning starts over.
We had friends over tonight and enjoyed dinner outside
You need to try PW's Shrimp Quesidillas
They were a hit at dinner tonight!
Hope your summer is off to a good start
Come hang around the bar and if you're brave you can try the white trash pool 

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Anonymous said...


That text is hilarious! I should save more of the silly ones I get.

I clicked on an old post of mine that you had left a comment on and came by to say hi(it was about the big fork and spoon episode of Everybody loves Raymond, still *love* that episode).

Looks like you're having a fun summer. :)

♥ Melissa~