Thursday, June 27, 2013

I think she's having too much fun to miss me...

Kellie has been begging to "live with Jennifer" for the summer. 
We decided just a week would be better.
She is off living with the best cousin in the world and since they are two peas in a pod I can't wait to hear the stories.'s much quieter than normal here.  I'm used to having her around.  Running errands with me.  Fussing about what I cooked or didn't cook.  Trying to kiss her and her refusing.  Basically, I just miss the 13 year old who lives here and it happened faster than I thought it would.
The 17 year old is around some but the last couple of nights she has had plans and I'm quickly seeing that life after my kids leave home might be very boring. 
I do not care about watching the NBA draft. 
I don't want to watch another episode of Jeopardy.
He doesn't want to do any projects like painting.

I think I'm going to have to adopt some more kids.

Back to Kellie...
She was excited to fly alone.  Until the day before and she started getting nervous which surprised me... she's brave usually.
They let me walk her back to the gate and she was glad
boarding, finally a smile
Jennifer wanted to embarrass her
and it looks like there has been some fun

 and a lot of sleeping going on...
Back in Lubbock we are enjoying record high temps
and that calls for some cold beverages with friends
lip gloss melts at this temp....
and even dogs need ice cream
lazy mornings
and some time in the redneck pool, you don't want to see that picture...
But most of all we're missing
hurry home Kellie and Jennifer



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