Sunday, June 16, 2013

Youth camp, at least I get to drive instead of ride the bus

We leave tomorrow for church youth camp.  I am going as a leader/nurse. 
Luckily I am paired with one of the interns for our family group.  This is good so the kids just don't have an old teacher but the main reason is that he will be waaaay more excited about "rec" than I will.
Camp is in San Angelo. 
With a five day forecast of high of 96 everyday and humidity of about the same. 
I prayed for cooler weather. 
Right now there is a fight going on in the other room over who is riding in the car with me rather than on the bus. 
At least I am not leading either of their groups.
If I was smart, I would have stayed home and had a week without kids. 

We spent a good Father's day doing anything (almost- he wanted to see a movie we vetoed) he wanted. 
My girls are lucky to have a sweet dad who loves them to pieces.  Even though he teases them and tortures them with threats of embarrassing them, he couldn't love them more.

He and dogs will be on their own this week.
Wonder how many naps that will involve?

And I leave you with an example...


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