Sunday, October 11, 2009

Everything goes by so fast, we should try to take mental pictures of the high points

You know there is nothing I like better than a good dreary day!  Today was just that.  Football has been on the t.v. all day and I only got out of my p.j.'s long enough to run to the store.
Here's some of what happened at our house today...

Kite flying...I think Kellie's kite may have been in another county at one point! 

Cake balls.  I have I told you of my love of cake balls?  Well, today I decided I needed to make a batch of carrot cake cake balls that may or may not resemble pumpkins.

They are not Bakerella worthy, but they taste good.  I put them in egg cartons to send to a couple of friends.

Katie has been asking for a cute Texas Tech dress that we are seeing a lot recently.  After looking at it in the stores, I decided that I could make it and it wouldn't cost $65 like buying it.  So, today we took one of my camp tee shirts that is too big now and tried it out. Worked great. Took an hour, very easy and looks just like the one in the stores...

And finially, there was some pumpkin carving....
A big pot of soup got both college student niece's to stop by to eat...It was a wonderful day. I'm tired now.

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cindy said...

OK, these are adorable! Can you send me the recipe? Would love to do these for our Fall Family Gathering....great photo too on the egg carton!

Tee dress is tooooo cute! So lucky you can sew...wish I could.

yapping cat

ps I love gloomy days too! :D