Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall and the Flu

Because I can't get enough of flu like symptoms at work with the tons of kids I've seen lately, Katie had to bring it home.  Oh, it started out like just a cough but quickly turned into the flu like symptoms I had seen so much of...
5 days later I think she is finally almost over it. 
This could mean two things. 
1.  we are done with the flu or
2. Someone else will have it about the time I get her back to school.  I'm praying we are through! I am really praying Mike doesn't get it because he just quit talking about the dreaded flu of 1995. 

Yesterday Katie still felt terrible.  She stayed home with her dad but called me twice crying because she didn't feel good.  Today I stayed home with her and she hasn't cried once.  I'm so glad she's better.

I was thinking I could have gone to work since she was a little better today.  But looking back, I would have missed a wonderful day at home with just Katie.  We snuggled on the couch and watched the American Girl movie, I finished up some crafty projects, baked Pumpkin dump cake, made glazed pecans , and have home made pizza dough rising to use for dinner tonight. 

It was a perfect fall day at home!  (Except for the flu of course...)


Jennifer said...

Sick days sound kind of fun AND yummy at your house. Sign me up for some of that pumpkin dump cake! (o: Hope everyone is on the mend and the flu stays away from here on out!

Jennifer said...

Nobody likes a bragger.
Or a disinfector, which is what I've become.

Elizabeth said...

These Halloween cake balls are too cute for words!