Monday, December 7, 2009

I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite

A week or so ago Mike offer to buy me a new lap top for my birthday.  I thanked him for that sweet thought and told him I didn't need one and went on to defend my trusty, second hand, ebay laptop.  Next morning, NO BACK LIGHT.  So, new lap top on the way and with having to use the desk top, well, I almost forgot about the blog.  I've read, gotten more accomplished, etc. without checking all my favorite blogs. 

So, what have we been up to since the post Thanksgiving post?

A lot of this...

And here is the smiling,  happiest girl in town!  She is so excited to get her first point shoes.  Who new they cost so much and came in so many brands and sizes.  They have been on her feet ever since we brought them home.... the sister is very jealous.  We teased her because her 'step-sister' foot wouldn't fit in it no matter how she tried.  That only made her mad....

looks like the Elvis would like to try them on too

My counselor at school read this book and told me about it.  It is a sweet, very fast read.  We decided we needed a "Christmas Jar" at school.  We have a sweet little one who is very sick in the hospital and we are going to leave it on the family's door step Christmas eve.

I have to finish the multiple choir dresses tonight - it's the project that won't end!

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Debbie said...

So, do you have the new laptop yet? I so love a new computer. They are so fast and wonderful.