Friday, November 25, 2011


I am very thankful for a Thanksgiving week that was spent with some of my favorite people...

Jennifer came... Which made my sister a little mad... can't spell Thanksgiving without some family issues can you?

Jennifer and I spent Wed. running a few errands, cooking, eating, and cooking some more...

I invited a good friend and her family to join us for Thanksgiving. 
We had a discussion about the dressing last week. 
You know, the what do you put in your dressing kind of discussion you have before you commit to Thanksgiving at someone else's house.  We saw eye to eye on the dressing luckily.
Then I went to buy my cornbread mix.  I usually use one brand and there was none to be found so I substituted another name brand.  This is where the story goes horribly wrong.  It made very, very sand like, dry cornbread.  I did not realize this until I went to make the dressing.  I used enough chicken broth for the whole neighborhood and still couldn't get moist dressing.
Now, to a southern woman having friends over, serving bad dressing is the kiss of death.  We will be judged by our dressing on Thanksgiving after all....
I knew it was awful when Mike told me not to save any of the left overs.  He will eat left over dressing for a week under good dressing conditions.

We had tons of other good food and more importantly a group of friends and family that I love. 

We had football napping guys
and dogs tired from begging

shopping the ads
 and we even fit in a quick Thanksgiving day shopping trip.

Today, there is a fresh pan of dressing so I can keep the hubby happy, drizzling rain outside and relaxed crafty time in new soft PJ's inside.
I am Thankful.

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