Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'll be wearing a gold swimsuit, how bout you?

We had friends come visit this weekend.  We had a good time but they had some work to do while they were here.
They were here cleaning out his mother's house here that she hasn't lived in the house in for10 plus years but wouldn't get rid of it...
They found some interesting things.
There were enough women's shoes for 3 people.  Shoes from every era.  Hats of every size and shape and more random items than you can imagine.  She seemed to be a mom who saved everything. 
I would have loved to gone through every bit of the junk! 
He brougth me a full set of  very old Samsonite luggage.  It contained lots of treasures, too.
We found an envelope with various papers from the 50's including a love letter from his dad to his mom that was precious.  What a sweet thing! 
The next suitcase was full of lingerie and 2 swimsuits that are probably from the 50's...

This may be my swimsuit this summer.  Let me know if you want the green one...

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